Reading Festival Special cover of the Melody Maker, 12th September 1992

April 6, 2009

Reading Festival Special cover of the Melody Maker, 12th September 1992

Right then, I wanna find at least one of these ‘Mud Honeys’ and get them to tell their story of Reading and this photo. Send out the clarion call please folks. Post to Facebook accounts. Email your mates.  They must be out there somewhere. Seriously, I wanna hear from at least one of them in the comments.

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7 Responses to “Reading Festival Special cover of the Melody Maker, 12th September 1992”

  1. justin bish Says:

    hi guys i am actually in the background pushing my hair back with a green timberland shirt on still best gig ive ever been to,got in similar muddy state as day went on, my trainers disentegrated and had to buy a 2nd hand pair of para boots which i broke in to the mighty nirvana!got home knackered fell asleep and it took me over an hour to chisel myself outta my clothes and boots.please feel free to check out my band the trophy hearts/myspace for a free listen to some of tracks(think qotsa raped by the beach boys!:) )or even come to one of our shows PEACE Jubster

  2. justin bish Says:

    ps by the guy on the lefts cigarette

  3. Tom Says:

    I know all of the three on the left. All good mates, though not spoken to them for a few years… stuck something up on FB.. you may hear fromt them…

  4. Charles Says:

    Brilliant! I might have stopped posting but I’d make an exception for this. Do get in touch or comment with your memories of what you did before this pic and how it came about.

  5. Paul Almeida Says:

    Well that’s a day I wont forget!
    A time when your mates and music are your life. I’m Paul the guy that’s a bit shit faced on snake bite and black mmM the do it your self alco pop of the time. Still we all look shit faced so best describe my self the one in middle with a bike jacket on.
    My good friend Darren C on the right and best mate mucker Mark D on the left.
    The grab and dunk team ;) sorry every one but it had to be done.
    Sorry MTV camera lense bloody good shot mud chucking.
    Sorry bar for running out of money and doing a discount for athletes running off in mud. Not easy with two full pints in your hands sliding around. We did pay for a lot of over priced drinks so kind of fair really ;)
    We did suffer later as it got bloody cold and Nirvana were on late that day. We burnt rubbish but it was no good we just couldn’t get warm. We had to leave. Big regret missing Nivana but what a day.

  6. Charles Says:

    Thanks so much for commenting Paul. It’s taken 4.5 years but we got there. Where are the others and have you still got an original cover of this for yourself?

    • Paul Almeida Says:

      I still have a copy and the others I see now and again hope to catch up at Christmas. I will try and get them to add something. Can do a better scan if needed?

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