Simon Reynolds reviews The Telescopes live at The Falcon, 6th May 1989

Simon Reynolds reviews The Telescopes live at The Falcon, 6th May 1989. Photo Stephen Sweet.

Well, well…a review you can read without having to click to enlarge. Enjoy.

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Andrew Mueller reviews The Ramones live at the Enmore Theatre Sydney, 9th December 1989

One has to assume that Mueller got these Australian review gigs as a result of having already flown back home at his own expense rather than IPC whisking him on a first class flight to Sydney to review The Ramones and The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience, a band with a name worst than Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts. But then Stephen Sweet took the picture so perhaps IPC did splash the cash afterall.

So this retrospectively posted on 17th June in honour of meeting Mr. Andrew Mueller in person on that very date.

And when I say met, I suppose you could read ‘mugged’ or ‘door-stopped’ or whatever the word is when you recognise someone in the street and shout “Andrew!” before you’ve really thought through what you’re going to follow your opening salutation with. God bless the jet-lagged Mueller for not telling a rambling drunken stranger to fuck off.

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Simon Price reviews Mudhoney and Nirvana live at the Astoria, 9th December 1989

Simon Price reviews Mudhoney and Nirvana live at the Astoria, 9th December 1989. Photos by Stephen Sweet.

Excellent early review here of (third on the bill) Nirvana, Tad and Mudhoney. I particularly liked the Mr. Men shtick. And I think Price calls Nirvana (still waiting on the real tunes to turn up) with remarkable clarity, “The singer guitarist is pretty graceful in a long haired kinda way…but the frog legged bassist will have to go”

By the time Mudhoney take to the stage there are “…bodies apparently flying out of thin air. At one point they’re actually colliding mid-dive. It’s hard to believe that such a volatile, earth-eating, shit-kicking noise could emanate from these four bambi-like figures”

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Reading Festival Review - Cover, 3rd September 1994

Reading Festival Review - Friday, 3rd September 1994

Reading Festival Review - Saturday, 3rd September 1994

Reading Festival Review - Photos, 3rd September 1994

Reading Festival Review - Rumour Mill, 3rd September 1994

Reading Festival Review - Sunday, 3rd September 1994

Reading Festival Review - back cover, 3rd September 1994

1994 and another Reading Festival review. Note the Court in the Act column on page 33 as a source of great embarrassment to ET, oh and can someone answer Andrew Mueller’s question/mistaken caption (page 35) “Who the f*** is this?” even if it is 14 years too late. Come on…one of you must have slept with her.

Writers: Everett True, Andrew Mueller, Cathi Unsworth, Caitlin Moran, Sarra Manning, Dave Jennings, Dave Simpson, Ian Watson

Photographers: Tom Sheehan, Steve Gullick,Stephen Sweet, Matt Bright

Those who also turned up to get drunk: Allan Jones, Sharon O’ Connell, Simon Price

If you’ve been paying attention at the back you’ll know this one’s for Alex. Why not follow her on Twitter @loopingtheloop – she has a lovely turn of phrase – which, given she’s a journalist is probably to be expected.

Head like a cold…black as your bathroom mold…

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The 1992 Reading Festival review, 12th September 1992.

Writers: Everett True, Jim Arundel, Shane Danielsen, Andrew Smith, Simon Price, Sharon O’Connell

Photographers: Kevin Westenberg, Stephen Sweet, Matt Bright, Steve Gullick

Those who also turned up to get drunk: Allan Jones, Steve Sutherland, Andrew Mueller, Ben Turner, Sally Margret Joy, Ben Stud, Ngaire, Black Mat Smith, Clint Poppie

Apart from the mud this was the infamous Reading Festival where ET pushed Kurt onto the stage in a wheelchair. Has the story of how and why that came about been told already? If so please post a link and if not then can I tempt the story from the horse’s mouth?

UPDATE: Discussion about Reading and particularly this Reading Festival over on the WSC message board prompted by Simon Price considering breaking a 21 year attendance record.

And if you’re looking for a timeline of Reading Festival from inception to present day then this site if worth a look

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Reading Festival Special cover of the Melody Maker, 12th September 1992

Right then, I wanna find at least one of these ‘Mud Honeys’ and get them to tell their story of Reading and this photo. Send out the clarion call please folks. Post to Facebook accounts. Email your mates.  They must be out there somewhere. Seriously, I wanna hear from at least one of them in the comments.

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Jim Arundel interviews Stereolab, 26th October 1991

Jim Arundel interviews Stereolab, 26th October 1991. Photos Stephen Sweet

After yesterday’s embarrassments here’s a very early piece on Stereolab, a band who were great then and are great now. French Disko seems like the obvious track to post but that’s on vinyl so here’s something that maybe isn’t so well known, as, according to Wikipedia, only 800-1000 CD’s were pressed up. A great shame because it’s a great droning jam that can be spooky/scary when stoned. Spiiiddddeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrssssss

simple-headphone-mind cover

1. “Simple Headphone Mind” – 10:36

2. “Trippin’ with the Birds” – 21:04

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