Taylor Parkes interviews Tindersticks, 18th March 1995. Photos by Steve Gullick.

Here’s to hoping Taylor feels better about this poetic piece than the Gene rant he was so dismissive of a few days ago.

The Tindersticks second album “dares to be snow on midnight roof tops, slow rain on the streets of a European capital, white candles in chestnut trees”.  He’s not wrong. This record creeps up on you like carbon monoxide and before you realise it you’re under its spell. Altogether now…”Tiny Tears….”

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Jennifer Nine reviews The Bends by Radiohead, 11th March 1995

Jennifer Nine reviews The Bends by Radiohead, 11th March 1995.

So here’s the Radiohead review I referred to in the previous post on Gene. You won’t catch Thom posing like this these days so lap it up Radiohead fans. Look at that belly button….phwooorrrrhhhh!

I don’t know how long or how many listens a typical record reviewer gets but probably not much. So fair play to Jennifer Nine for calling it on this. I resisted this record for so long. I just thought of Radiohead as major label bandwagon jumpers that had joined the party far too late. But by this time I’d started working and was subject to the communal musical tastes of my co-workers. So The Bends slowly ground me down, little by little, track by track.

These days I’ll begrudgingly admit to it being a quite good even though I still think the lyrics are impenetrable nonsense.

More C4 hypocrisy tonight with a teenager being cajoled into having vaginal cosmetic surgery in Embarrassing Teenage Bodies only a few weeks after Dawn Porter’s Lisa Roger’s C4 documentary/polemic about about the ‘growing epidemic’ and pointless stupidity of genital plastic surgery.


Thanks to Richard for leaving a comment pointing out my error in initially identifying Dawn Porter and not Lisa Rodgers as the presenter of The Perfect Vagina.

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Simon Price reviews Olympian by Gene, 11th March 1995.

Final part of the Gene trilogy. Posted this more because of the contrasting ‘importance’ implicit in the treatment Gene get here (full page colour review by Price) compared to Jennifer Nine’s review of The Bends by Radiohead (black and white, shared review etc.)

And this despite the fact that using MM’s own clumsy star rating Gene comes out as just ‘Recommended’ compared to Radiohead’s ‘Bloody Essential’

I don’t know if this simply testament to the fact that Radiohead weren’t that important back then or if it’s proof of some MM or record company agenda to break Gene.

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Simon Reynolds interviews Ian McCulloch, 30th September 1989. Photos by Kevin Westenberg.

Never was a big Bunnymen fan. I know there are plenty of people that disagree with me but apart from Killing Moon (now ruined by Donnie Darko) the rest left me cold.

Just as I’m uploading this ex NME journo James Brown is on TV judging Miss Naked Beauty. I know he doesn’t need the money (how is the big house James?) so why has he agreed to be on this piss poor excuse for a show? And while I’m on the subject, who thought that asking Mylenne Klass (a size 8 woman who’s career is principally based on looking fuckable in a white bikini) to present a show questioning the media’s obsession with unrealistic perceptions of women’s bodies was a good idea?

There’s another level of hypocrisy with this too. With one show Channel 4 celebrates being fat and then with others e.g. Jame Oliver etc. chastises us for eating crap food and being obese. Modern life huh?

Sorry about the intermittent posts. Life’s busy at the moment.

Taylor Parkes and Everett True interview Gene - part 1, 25th February 1995

Taylor Parkes and Everett True interview Gene - part 2, 25th February 1995

Taylor Parkes and Everett True interview Gene, 25th February 1995. Photo by Pat Pope.

Were Gene were any good or not? Were they a Rymans league version of The Smiths? Who cares when the always readable Taylor Parkes is ranting.

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Gene on the cover of Melody Maker, 25th February 1995

Gene on the cover of Melody Maker, 25th February 1995. Photo by Pat Pope.

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David Stubbs interviews Front 242 part 1, 3rd Sept 1988

David Stubbs interviews Front 242 part 2, 3rd Sept 1988

David Stubbs interviews Front 242, 3rd Sept 1988.

This for Belgium TV. Seriously. It’s still unconfirmed whether Pepe Le Punk will present or not.

So here’s another reason why people take the piss out of Belgium. Look at these 3 cocks posing as bedroom Bickles and spouting off about what it takes to be “a good terrorist”. We’re used to seeing photos like this these days as a result of some twat walking into a school for a shooting spree and not as a PR angle to sell records. Good riddance.

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The Cure live at Wembley, 19-26 December 1987

With a new Cure album (and tour?) in the pipeline this seems topical. It’s a pretty funny review as it goes. Amazing to think that more than 20 years ago The Cure were playing a 3 night residency at Wembley arena.

Never been a massive fan myself but they’ve released some absolutely killer singles time, and time again, so good luck to Bob and whoever else makes up The Cure these days.

But really, it doesn’t matter what I think, or indeed what you think. No, what matters is what Ms Dayglo thinks. She doesn’t add people willy nilly y’know and it’s that bitchin’ punk attitude of hers that just takes my breath away.

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Melody Maker top 30 albums of the year, 1988

Good to see the back of 1987.

And skipping forward 12 months here’s the end of 1988 too. All these end of year lists are available in text form at Rocklist although you don’t get the little capsule reviews.

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Melody Maker review of December 1987 with staff picks by Dom Stud

Melody Maker review of December 1987 with staff picks by Dom Stud