Carol Clerk R.I.P.

March 14, 2010

Carol Clerk lost her battle with cancer over the weekend. If you’ve arrived at AMP to find out more info then there’s some discussion about it here on the ILXOR forum with some links to her work. Clearly The Quietus are planning on running a tribute in the week to come but until then ET has posted up a piece on his blog. Here’s a real-time Twitter search and here’s a memorial Facebook page.

Only 2 pieces from Carol in AMP unfortunately, type Carol Clerk into the search box to find them. Hopefully more to come soon.

2 Responses to “Carol Clerk R.I.P.”

  1. Arthit Says:

    Hi Charles, if you type Carol Clerk R.I.P. you would find more discussions in other blogs as well.

  2. urdead2me Says:

    RIP – Carol Clerk, 55, an esteemed rock critic, saw more rock’n’roll than most of us can imagine. Cancer took her away, but there’s still the music. Go put on something raucous–AC/DC maybe–and have a pint in her name. She’d like that.

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