September 27, 2013


The observant among you will notice that this blog, if not quite dead, is certainly resting.

However I still receive a steady stream of enquiries from all over the world asking for help in researching information for books, TV projects, pHD’s, websites etc.

To save me replying individually here are the pertinent facts.

I don’t have an exact list or searchable database of the copies I own, nor can I easily search for reviews, interviews etc. other than picking up the physical copy and scanning each page. This seems to come as a surprise to many, particularly those born into a world where Google and the internet have always existed. In case it appears otherwise, this blog is not the product of a small business start-up. This blog is the product of a single, recently divorced man, sitting alone in a room late at night and manually scanning pages of old music mags with a shitty home scanner.

If you want to find a specific article or research your pHD then the place to start is at the British Library (in London) which holds a complete archive of all MM and NME’s.

You need to register for a reader pass and the best thing to do is to pre-register online. You will need to bring proof of your identity and your address (and your student ID if you have any).

You can search most of the catalogue with your pre-registration.

When you request something it will usually take up to 70 minutes for them to give it to you. If you need to get a particular book, it may take up to 48 hours so that ideally you request everything a couple of days beforehand.

However, all the magazines, NME, Melody Maker, Mojo, Select etc. etc. can be accessed straight away in the Humanities 2 area. They are grouped by year in big book sleeves. You can just take them out, read them, take notes (only pencils and laptops are allowed)

You can photocopy and scan articles. As the magazine paper sizes are really big (at least the old ones are) you are only allowed to scan them which is quite expensive. It’s 37p per scan. Museum staff will watch you so there’s no way around it. Alternatively, if you have a smart phone, apps like CamScanner do a good job of scanning a page such that it’s readable, albeit not reproducible in print or broadcast TV

You can’t remove any of the books or magazines from the library.

I hope this helps.

My thanks again to all the writers, photographers and bands that made this pre-internet period of music journalism so vibrant and exciting.



3 Responses to “Notice”

  1. kpwebster Says:

    Hurray! Hurray for many things!

  2. HH Says:

    Hi Charles, I only want to thanks you for you job, it’s amazing… gretting from Argentina : )

  3. Jon Says:

    Hello Charles,
    Is this blog going to be updated with any new content at all? Just thought you might want to exchange some blogging on my website for some magazine articles or mags. Great blog but shame it’s been doemant for so long.

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