Push interviews Underworld, 22nd December 1994

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Richard Norris Rebellious Jukebox, 22nd December 1994

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Live clubs, Vague, Sabresonic, Megatripolis, Open All Hours, 22nd December 1994

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Ian Gittins interviews D:Ream, 22nd December 1994

Things can only get better Gordon – especially after this truly low, LOW point from former GMTV presenter Fiona Phillips. She digs herself a hole and just keeps on diggin’. Can you watch to the end?


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The Big Dance Explosion Bang, 22nd January 1994

A-Z of Club Culture, 22nd January 1994

I said dance muthafucka!

Melody Maker’s 15 page special to club culture to be posted over the next few days. I’ve decided to split it up because the content’s too disparate and difficult to tag and categorise in one post. Once this is out of the way I’m going to just start picking random stuff again for a bit.

This post for the excellently titled (and excellent) http://history-is-made-at-night.blogspot.com/

A selection of whistles and glowsticks to these blogs to:






See – it’s like I never went away.

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