Simon Price reviews Underworld's Second Toughest In The Infants

Simon Price reviews Underworld’s Second Toughest In The Infants, 9th March 1996.

Elsewhere Neil Kulkarni makes (I think) his first appearance in this blog reviewing the eponymously titled debut from Arrested Development’s Speech. Jennifer Nine reviews Cindy Dall’s Untitled and Mark Luffman (just about) reviews The Smoking Popes Born to Quit.

I’m reading about ROMO. Expect a more lengthy post next.

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The Pogues on the cover of NME, 1st July 1989

The Pogues on the cover of NME, 1st July 1989. Photo by Chris Clunn.

This piece posted at 2.30pm – da dum! Seeing Shane on the Stiff documentary shocked me. How is this man still alive?

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Everett True interviews Blur in America (part one) 9th March 1996

Everett True interviews Blur in America (part two) 9th March 1996

Everett True interviews Blur in America (part three) 9th March 1996

Everett True interviews Blur in America, 9th March 1996. Photo by Stephen Sweet.

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Damon Albarn on the cover of Melody Maker, 9th March 1996

Damon Albarn on the cover of Melody Maker, 9th March 1996. Photo by Stephen Sweet.

Remember that ROMO scene? There’s a Bennun interview with Plastic Fantastic inside this issue I’ll scan in for a laugh. Who started ROMO? Pretty much the final nail in the coffin for me and it’s interesting that this is the last copy of MM I’ve got.

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Ride Interview in NME 20th October 1990

Ride Interview part 2 in NME 20th October 1990

Roger Morton interviews Ride in the NME, 20th October 1990. Photos by Kevin Cummins.

More from the NME, more from Ride.

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Live Reviews featuring Back to the Phuture at Brixton Fridge

Various live reviews taken from NME, 29th October 1988.

Simon Williams reviews All About Eve at The Marquee and The Blue Aeroplanes at Dingwalls.

Sam Crowe reviews Christy Moore at London Dominion Theatre

This taken quickly and in recognition of the fact that this site has finally made it to the N.M.E. forums as grist to the mill for the old “Was the music press better in the old days?” Answer: Yes. Thanks boneyboy.

With the Watchmen trailer breaking this bit of old Acid House / rave culture caught my eye. I’m sure I’ve got some old Shoom reviews too but there’ll have to wait for another time. The poor old smilee face….once a symbol to strike fear into the establishment and now so passée the tweenies don’t even want to use it in MSN chats. I went to The Fridge late 2006 and it was like the band playing on whilst The Titanic sank. And I bet the film’s shit too.

Other than that my new favourite waste of time is It’s a little like The Hype Machine but simpler and better for it. Oh and Edward Aczel was probably the most unassumingly good thing I saw in Edinburgh even though I did ask for a jigsaw towards the end. Great BBC Four doc on Stiff records, If it Ain’t Stiff, a few days ago too. Unfortunately it seems it’s not available on iPlayer. Shame.

That’ll have to be it for now. I can’t exactly say it’s nice to be back – the break has only made me realise how much time this thing has started to take, but it’s nice to know people still surfed through without having anything new to look at. This is afterall what this site exists for, as a repository for fans of the music, the papers and pop culture generally.

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August 14, 2008

I’m at Edinburgh Festival. Chill. Normal service will resume shortly.


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Everett True reviews The Pixies, Ride, Cud, The Miltown Brothers & The Boo Radleys live at the Crystal Palace Bowl.

“The Pixies are living affirmation that rock is still alive and kicking its way far into our lives. The greatest rock band on the planet? Name me another of their stature.”

I have to agree with ET and it’s really pleasing to think that unlike many bands who were puffed up to dizzy heights only to vaporise to nothing outside of whatever crest of a scene they rode up on, The Pixies music is still as vital and compelling now as it was then. Truly a great, great band.

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Cater USM on the cover of Melody Maker 15th June 1991. Photo by Paul Rider.

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