Simon Reynolds interviews Elastica, 25th March 1995

August 3, 2008

Simon Reynolds interviews Elastica 25th March 1995 - part 1

Simon Reynolds interviews Elastica, 25th March 1995 - part 2

Simon Reynolds interviews Elastica, 25th March 1995. Photos by Tom Sheehan.

The height of Britpop finds Justine reflecting on success and fame with Simon Reynolds. This is the interview that goes with this cover I’ve previously posted.

There’s a nice companion piece to this, from another former MM journalist Andrew Smith, in this interesting and lengthy Observer interview from 2002, where Justine Frischmann reflects on the aftermath of Elastica and this period in her life.

If Wikipedia is to be believed Justine has recently got married and is now studying visual arts and psychology at Naropa University. I hope she’s happier now.


Some pics from Justine Frischmann’s wedding are up on flickr. Someone posted the link on the Drowned in Sound forum board…so if you’re interested.

It’s on a farm with traditional Japanese umbrellas, and MIA’s the bridesmaid!

One Response to “Simon Reynolds interviews Elastica, 25th March 1995”

  1. sedmikrasky Says:

    Your blog is ACE!!!

    Reminds me of the good times.

    Best regards from Spain

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