I’ll be taking a little break over Easter so I’ve scanned in the whole Reading Review to tide you over. Normal service will resume around 20th April.

Now, I’ve deliberately kept this blog strictly about the scans and topic in hand up to this point but I’m organising a small event soon and I wonder if you (whoever you are out there) would be interested in being part of what I’m planning?

Do you Twitter? I do. Since 2007 in fact so, y’know, I’ve been a Twitter twat longer than most. However my use of it has changed and increased since the beginning of the year, and really, it’s all down to this blog. I didn’t use Twitter much to begin with, I followed a few mates but mostly it just lay dormant for months on end. But then, at the beginning of this year, all that started to change. I started being followed, and in return following, people who had found me via my blog, despite not publicising myself on the blog.

All of which leads me to my point. There’s a little Twitter experiment/event planned soon in central London. To be part of what I’m organising you’ll need to be able to be available for an hour or two in Kings Cross, on the evening of Wednesday 22nd April . You’ll also need to consent to being filmed.

If you’d like to know more, then follow me on Twitter and say hello [http://twitter.com/thehomme]