My Bloody Valentine Interview by David Stubbs Jan 26th 1991

David Stubbs interviews My Bloody Valentine on the release of their new EP ‘Tremelo’, Jan 26th 1991.

I don’t know if it’s the upcoming shows but the live review of MBV has been the most popular post so far so here’s some more My Bloody Valentine’s material for you all.

Shields pullquote “We’re lucky enough to be in this position now where I can walk into the studio and, if nothing happens, I’m not inspired, then I won’t do anything”. Yeah and you’ve been fucking bereft of fucking inspiration for the best part of 20 years Kevin so the new material better be fucking good. I wanna hear that it’s been worth the wait.

Stubbs byline purports to investigate “whether their out-of-this-world music has any relevance in the middle of a Gulf War” and in a few weeks we’ll be able to ask exactly the same question all over again.

Be sure to check out David Stubb’s Mr. Agreeable site, I swear by it.

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