Melody Maker review of June 1987 with staff picks by Mat Smith

Melody Maker review of June 1987 with staff picks by Mat Smith.

The Young Gods and other assorted Goth disco bands. Pete Waterman comes out against sampling shocker and LL Cool J’s “visionary exhibitionism”

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Melody Maker singles of the year 1988

Melody Maker singles of the year 1988.

Got lots to say but no time right now. A few points on the above.

You Made Me Realise should be No.1 and Freak Scene should be No.2

Although you’re most likely to hear Crash as the soundtrack to a compilation of home movies it is a *great* pop single and should be higher.

The Young Gods inexplicably make the charts. I never got them and I know I wasn’t the only one. Someone commented a while back about how they seemed like an elaborate practical joke, as if Stubbs and co. had had a pub bet between themselves that they could break even the most difficult, avant-nonsense group. I think bovine masses got it right on this occasion.

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I have to get ready for a 40th birthday party now, not mine quite yet, but fucking hell….40!

David Stubbs interviews The Young Gods 19th - 26th December 1987

David Stubbs interviews The Young Gods, 19th-26th December 1987.

A clever reference to U2’s Unforgettable Fire titles this piece I first read when I was 16. A few quotes culled from this for the time poor.

“Their sound is pure artifice, spectacular, irrelevant, a disembodied roar, a cathedral unpeopled except for Gods whispering among themselves.”

“There’s ‘Did You Miss Me?’ their Dadaist reworking of the Gary Glitter chestnut, a stately montage of Tchaikovsky, Liszt and an audience scream from a Yello live album”

“And ‘Jusqu’au Bout’, their masterpiece, which shudders deliriously like the earth about to vomit its core, like sex between God and Satan, a slamdance between the moon and the sun.”

Back then I read these pieces with a sort of mystified awe…I didn’t fully understand it but I knew I wanted to hear the record. And today it’s easy…here’s The Young Gods ‘smash hit’ single Envoy√© from the MM Album of the year.

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