Ian Gittins interviews The Wedding Present, 22nd April 1989

Can’t believe we’ve made it to nearly 2 years of AMP without any Wedding Present so far. I’m sure Mr. Agreeable will have savaged Gedge and co. for the Ukrainian folk concept album. Nobody really liked it did they?

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The Swans on the cover of Melody Maker, 22nd April 1989

Swans on the cover of Melody Maker, 22nd April 1989. Photo by Tom Sheehan.

This issue in response to a reader request. In case you didn’t know Michael Gira has recently announced their reformation. Read more here


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Deve Jennings reviews the singles of the week, 3rd September 1994

Dave Jennings reviews the singles of the week, 3rd September 1994.

For those of you excited by the fact that Dave looks like the guy featured in the photo let me disappoint you by telling you that it’s actually actor Paul Shane as Ted Bovis from the 80’s British sitcom Hi-Di-Hi.

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John Peel Hitlist NME 22nd October 1988

Stuart Maconie hits the nail on the head in his intro, “The Peel Show has brought me moments of Joycean epiphany when pop has shed its scaly skin and changed my life”.

Anyone who listened to Peel even semi regularly has a story about the time they were sat in the kitchen/driving to a party/lying in bed etc. etc. listening to his show when suddenly he played a record that made them feel like they’d been accelerated through space and time whilst being punched senseless. Those very rare moments when music leaves you stupefied, breathless and gasping….”What the fuck is this – this is amazing!”

Inspiral Carpets: Keep the Circle Around (live 2008 performance!)

Wedding Present – Why are you being so reasonable now? (about 3.45 in)

The Siddeleys: Sunshine Thuggery

Dat Blygu: Ugain I Un (can’t find Wyau)

Mighty Force: Thrashing A Dead Horse

Robert Lloyd: Nothing Matters

A Guy Called Gerald: Voodoo Ray

Dinosaur Jr: Freak Scene

Got nothing on Chinhoyi Superstars after a quick search – if you’re determinded and have more time then maybe you’ll have more luck.