The Stud Brothers interview Sinead O'Connor, 12th December 1987

The Stud Brothers interview Sinead O’Connor, 12th December 1987. Photos by Paul Rider

The problem with having supermodel good looks is that it’s impossible to make yourself unattractive however much you might want to. And crucially, although Sinead shaved off her hair, wore doc marten boots and generally did everything to divert attention away from her looks, she never tried to conceal her intelligence, and there’s rarely anything more attractive than an intelligent, feisty woman.

When you look like that and have a voice like this it’s a staggering combination.

The Troy video probably cost quite a bit of cash back in 87 but it’s horribly dated now.  The overexposed, revolving alabaster-like bust of Sinead recalls nothing so much as one of those alien shape-shifters you’d occasionally have turn up in an episode of Star Trek to seduce Captain Kirk.

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