Tribal Gathering at Luton Hoo, 13th July 1996

Is this the way they say nostalgia’s meant to feel, or just 30,000 people standing in a field?

After me being so sniffy about the new look Maker, there’s this anomaly where Reynolds very intelligently explores the “post-rave diaspora” of styles and sub-cultures born out of the original rave scene and tries to snatch some sort of meaning from it. An amusing, must read, last paragraph reports, “There’s a sense of aftermath. You know you’ve been through something; you just don’t know yet what it was. But it doesn’t mean nothing.”

Interesting to note that this double page feature isn’t mentioned at all on the cover.

Note to Russian viewers: There have been a lot of comments in Russian in the last week or two. I’m only going to publish comments to AMP in English. It doesn’t have to be perfect, ‘correct’ English, it just needs to be understandable enough for me (and everyone else) to know you’re not spamming the site.

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David Bennun interviews The Chemical Brothers, 20th January 1996

David Bennun interviews The Chemical Brothers, 20th January 1996

Been listening to Stephen Jones’ (him from Babybird) Almost Cured Of Sadness for the first time today, co-incidentally Babybird had their big hit with You’re Gorgeous in 1996.

I can’t help thinking that if this record came out today, fronted by a bunch of pretty teenage Hoxton chancers, the N.M.E. would be falling over themselves to call them the future of music. Or something. Our very own Andrew Mueller gives a rather sniffy review of it on Amazon but since when did any of us trust music journalists?

Judge for yourselves. Here’s one of the tracks I’ve picked at random.

Stephen Jones, Someplace Too Faraway

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The Chemical Brothers on the cover of Melody Maker 20th January 1996

The Chemical Brothers on the cover of Melody Maker, 20th January 1996. Photo by Tom Sheehan.

Shabby self-referential pun on Camden scene pub The Good Mixer for this cover. And Tom and Ed are good mixers…see what they did there? No wonder Melody Maker struggled from this point on. And how old was Lily Allen in 1996?

Whenever I think of The Good Mixer I think of this (now dormant) blog. The biog used to say “…..I drink in the Good Mixer and I live in hope” which has been updated to reflect his move to NYC. There’s some incredible writing on there if you’ve got time to explore it. I strongly recommend you do if you’ve not chanced across it before.

If you read the interview I linked to with Miki Berenyi back when I posted the Lush cover this is the “Back from the dead” cover she mentions with a good deal of indignation. Will eventually scan in the interview. Pretty sure this is the most recent copy of Melody Maker I own.

So MBV and Radiohead play London tonight. Wouldn’t it be great if they covered one of each others songs? Never gonna happen of course but would love to hear what Kevin and Belinda could conjure from Creep. Ditto Thom and Jonny with You Made Me Realise.

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