Underworld on the cover of Melody Maker 22nd January 1994

Underworld on the cover of Melody Maker 22nd January 1994. Photo by Kevin Westenberg

Back! Did anything happen while I was gone?

I shared a tiny lift with Andrew Collins today but thankfully retained enough cool to ignore him.

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Paul Lester reviews 808 90 by 808 State, 9th December 1989

Paul Lester reviews 808:90 by 808 State, 9th December 1989.

What a brilliant record this is. And then the stopped taking drugs and the music stopped being brilliant. But really if you’ve not heard this record you should. Not on Spotify annoyingly. Will come back to this post and upload a track.

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Tribal Gathering at Luton Hoo, 13th July 1996

Is this the way they say nostalgia’s meant to feel, or just 30,000 people standing in a field?

After me being so sniffy about the new look Maker, there’s this anomaly where Reynolds very intelligently explores the “post-rave diaspora” of styles and sub-cultures born out of the original rave scene and tries to snatch some sort of meaning from it. An amusing, must read, last paragraph reports, “There’s a sense of aftermath. You know you’ve been through something; you just don’t know yet what it was. But it doesn’t mean nothing.”

Interesting to note that this double page feature isn’t mentioned at all on the cover.

Note to Russian viewers: There have been a lot of comments in Russian in the last week or two. I’m only going to publish comments to AMP in English. It doesn’t have to be perfect, ‘correct’ English, it just needs to be understandable enough for me (and everyone else) to know you’re not spamming the site.

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Orbit - Steve Bicknell and Andrew Weatherall discuss the evolution of techno, 19th February 1994

The photo does rather give the impression of (a very clean cut) Weatherall as the victor. Not so much “Head to Head” but more “Head and shoulders above the rest”. Shame the actual piece is so thin and short. Hope that Shelley Boswell’s past doesn’t embarrass her too much, not the nakedness, the staggering resemblance to Pete Burns.

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