Talk Talk Talk featuring Mr. Agreeable and Pepe Le Punk, 25th February 1995

So yesterday, what with it possibly being the end of the world as we know it, I was all set to post an R.E.M. interview, but then I started drawing the Songs About Fucking album cover in MS Paint. Oh that won’t take long I thought, but once I got going I kept tweaking and changing, and then there was no time left to post. But y’know…if the world had ended at least I’d have used my last time on the planet constructively..right? I am such a twat.

So tonight here’s some Talk Talk Talk with Mr. Agreeable and Pepe Le Punk in recognition of the post on The Idolator re: “Dear Backlash” and the follow up comments about it. Thanks to Michaelangelo Matos for the post. Is it just me or does the C.U.N.T. featured here look like Andrew Collins?

Feel free to check up on the state of the world yourself every so often, using this handy url

or for those of you who want something a little more serious

Mr. Agreeable 16th April 1994

Both pages of Talk Talk Talk this time because I saw that Oasis debut single advert and thought “ohh look…that’s a bit of history is that” and besides, I never know when then cat might strike again.

Note how Mr. Agreeable beats the currently fashionable take on rubbishing Primal Scream by slagging them off perfectly in a single sentence as far back as 1994.

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Mr. Agreeable 18th March 1995

Talk Talk Talk featuring Mr. Agreeable, 18th March 1995.

Oblivion, open thy jaws, here comes another f***ing sprat!

Unrelated to this post but great finds from the del.ic.ious account of who also added this blog.

A selection of full and partial recordings of John Peel’s BBC radio show from 2002 and 2003. Recorded direct to PC from digital radio, so in most cases the quality is reasonably good.

Extensive blog sourcing archived John Peel radio shows

Great post of rare MBV material including a 4 track Peel session from 1988

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Talk Talk Talk featurng Mr. Agreeable 8th April

Are you the sort of person who’s looking forward to summer because it’ll give you the chance to wear that [cough] Menswear T-Shirt? Then I have the perfect antidote for you.

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Well spank me rigid if it isn’t Mr. Abusing’s gestating foetus Mr. Amusing. Taken from Melody Maker, 28th October 1989.

Note Andy Kershaw in happier times “wi’t’Judds”. No – I said Judds not Judge – oh my aching sides!

Lots of ‘interesting’ stuff in this issue including a Stud Brothers interview asserting that Bitch Magnet, with second album Umber, “look likely to outshine the likes of the Pixies and Sonic Youth to become America’s most incandescent pop band”. Ahem…yeah right. I’ve got that record and haven’t played it since – ohhh I dunno – 1989?

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