These seem quite popular so I’ll keep scanning em in. Dunno if I’m imagining it but seem to think Simon Price was somehow in the video for Whale’s – Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe.

And Cypress Hill – Insane in the Brain reminds me of living at 98 Wells St, Hackney. It got turned into an off-licence; which all of us that lived there thought fittingly appropriate.

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Everett True presents a guide to the Sub Pop rosta, 18th March 1989

Everett True’s guide to the Sub Pop rosta, 18th March 1989.

You can tell the grunge scene is still developing – check those cowboy boots on the crowd surfer! That said nothing would please me more than if someone from the gig photo got in touch.

UPDATE: Thanks to LameStain blog for linking and having plenty more to say about Grunge from a US perspective. This post also discussed with affection on the ILXOR forum

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