Everett True reviews Self Abused by SMASH, 3rd September 1994
Everett True reviews Self Abused by S*M*A*S*H, and Ben Turner reviews Sound System by Dub Tribe, 3rd September 1994.

I’d rant about those fucking a*s*t*e*r*i*s*k*s if it wasn’t so late and I wasn’t so t*i*r*e*d.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the critical musings of Everett True then do visit his newly updated WordPress blog, The Life of a Fading Music Critic. Reading Festival 1994 review gets uploaded tomorrow.

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Ian Gittins reviews Shed Seven's Change Giver and Sharon O'Connell reviews Portishead's Dummy, 3rd September 1994

Ian Gittins reviews Shed Seven’s Change Giver and Sharon O’Connell reviews Portishead’s Dummy, 3rd September 1994.

You know I think there’s a Shed Seven song I quite like. It soundtracked a summer holiday job picking tomatoes and I vaguely remember them performing it on TOTP.

Ahh yes…thanks Spotify; it was Where Have You Been Tonight

[Hangs head in shame]

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Keith Cameron interviews Blur in America, 8th October 1994. Photos by Kevin Cummins.

This interview showcasing that annoying habit N.M.E. had of overflowing any content that didn’t fit the paper into the back pages. I always hated treasure hunts. Still, it’s nice to see that classified ad for Shed Seven T-Shirts isn’t it? One thing I’ve also noticed in scanning this is that every member of staff has their direct telephone number listed in the paper. This seems quite extraordinary to me now.

For the young ‘uns and those of you not versed in UK radio history that Lambretta to America title is a pun on Alistair Cooke’s very famous Letter to America radio program – “The world’s longest running speech radio programme began in 1946, and continued till Cooke’s retirement in February 2004”.

Co-incidentally Alistair Cooke would have been 100 this week and there’s a tribute show that’s been broadcast tonight.