Sharon O\' Connell reviews Seefeel\'s Succour, 18th March 1995

I used to listen to this record a lot. More specifically I used to listen to this record a lot between the hours of about 4-7am on Saturday and Sunday mornings. And when I say “listen” I really mean “lie catatonic while the record played in the background”.

But this does the music a disservice. It still holds up. It’s still a great record. I’m listening to it now as a matter of fact. It doesn’t feel especially dated. In fact it sounds a lot like the record everyone keeps hoping Autechre might release after 10 years of unsatisfying glitchronica. A step back perhaps, but sometimes we need to step back in order to move a little further forward.

Sharon O’ Connell now writes for the music section of Time Out (London) but also contributes to Uncut magazine. Click here to read her brief interview with Fuck Buttons, one of today’s exciting, adventurous electronic bands.

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