Back on the Horse! Sorry for the unintentional protracted break but life has been unusually busy since coming back.In a good way. Here’s to new friends – you know who you are.

It felt all wrong to carry on with that old issue and besides there’s been an important request from Alex who wrote to ask, “Do you have anything about Reading 1994? It was one of the happiest weekends of my life. I learnt to pogo!”

Speak and ye shall be sated!

Tipping my hat to ET who has a new blog at

And how’s about this. John Peel’s Festive 50: 1976-2000 as Spotify playlists (some tracks missing but still)






The 1992 Reading Festival review, 12th September 1992.

Writers: Everett True, Jim Arundel, Shane Danielsen, Andrew Smith, Simon Price, Sharon O’Connell

Photographers: Kevin Westenberg, Stephen Sweet, Matt Bright, Steve Gullick

Those who also turned up to get drunk: Allan Jones, Steve Sutherland, Andrew Mueller, Ben Turner, Sally Margret Joy, Ben Stud, Ngaire, Black Mat Smith, Clint Poppie

Apart from the mud this was the infamous Reading Festival where ET pushed Kurt onto the stage in a wheelchair. Has the story of how and why that came about been told already? If so please post a link and if not then can I tempt the story from the horse’s mouth?

UPDATE: Discussion about Reading and particularly this Reading Festival over on the WSC message board prompted by Simon Price considering breaking a 21 year attendance record.

And if you’re looking for a timeline of Reading Festival from inception to present day then this site if worth a look

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Madder Rose live at the LA2 and Suede live at The Pavillion Theatre, Worthing, 19th February 1994

Sarah Kestle reviews Madder Rose live at the LA2 and Taylor Parkes reviews Suede live at The Pavillion Theatre, Worthing, 19th February 1994

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Caitlin Moran interviews Hole, 19th February 1994. Photos by Tom Sheehan.

“When it comes down to it, I just want someone to stick it in, y’know?”

Michael Mooney, where are you now?

Someday, you will ache like I ache.

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Everett True reviews the singles of the week, 11th December 1993

He’s a lumberjack and he’s ok. He drinks all night and he reviews all day. Everett True reviews the singles of the week, 11th December 1993.

Listening to Adoration by The Cranes on Spotify and loving it. What are you doing?

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David Stubbs interviews Mark E Smith, 12th November 1988

David Stubbs interviews Mark E. Smith, 12th November 1988. Photos by Joe Dilworth.

After the Loop interview something more conventional. David Stubbs is persuaded that Mark E. Smith is maligned only by idiots. Should probably also hilight the reference to the fanzine When Saturday Comes in the fourth paragraph, as I know some of you take an interest in such matters.

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Jonh Wilde interviews Happy Mondays, 12th November 1988

Jonh Wilde interviews Happy Mondays, 12th November 1988. Photos by Mike Morton.

Look at baby faced Shaun in the photos! No time to read this tonight unfortunately. Is it any good?

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