Dave Simpson reviews Spooky and David Bennun reviews Kenickie live, 13th July 1996

Dave Simpson reviews Spooky live at The Banks of the Tiber, Rome and David Bennun reviews Kenickie live at The Zap, Brighton.

Well well, who’d have thunk it huh? As Bennun swoons over the gestating Kenickie from the outset, halfway through, there’s this paragraph;

“Just assuming that you can’t justify a band on banter – and if you ever could, this would be the band – how about the fact that they’re stylish, sexy, funnier than life itself? And yes, most of the male music journalists I know want to sleep with them.”

With the benefit of hindsight that really is most amusing as one of them rather famously went on to do just that. You lucky sod.

But that banter was as real and intoxicating as Bennun describes. You just couldn’t help but fall for it. And yet now Lauren Laverne has transformed herself into the de facto face of all things cultural for the BBC, it’s easy to forget quite how intelligent and spunky she used to be.

I’m aware that I need to be respectful when talking about individuals here who could easily be reading, however the sad fact remains; the prettier Laverne gets, the less relevant she becomes. Her personality has now been diluted, flattened and pummelled to a shadow of its former self in order to make her palatable for a mainstream audience. What’s so wrong with allowing women to be intelligent, witty and feisty? Let her be herself. Closest thing these days is her radio show on 6Music but it’s still a pale imitation.

This clip from Planet Pop shows how good she was, and probably still is, despite the annoying editing and her rather lank, greasy hair. But hey…that’s showbiz and these are the compromises it seems you have to make if you’re gonna get on in the world of TV.

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David Bennun interviews Super Furry Animals - part 1, 13th July 1996

David Bennun interviews Super Furry Animals - part 2, 13th July 1996

David Bennun interviews Super Furry Animals, 13th July 1996. Photos by Steve Gullick.

I’ve not read it but I will. Then I might leave some retrospective commentary. Then again I might not. I bloody love Radiator though.

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Talk Talk Talk featuring Mr Agreeable, 3rd September 1994

Talk Talk Talk featuring Mr Agreeable, 3rd September 1994.

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Caitlin Moran interviews American Music Club, 3rd September 1994

I’m not quite sure what got all the journos in such a froth over American Music Club and none got more frothy than Caitlin Moran. Still, she’s always worth reading and wrote too sparingly for the paper over the years so I’ve scanned this in as much for her writing as the band. Thanks to the marvel that is Spotify you can listen the whole of the San Francisco album and judge for yourself. Although the capsule review on Spotify doesn’t bode well,

“Regrettably, with their final effort, San Francisco, American Music Club went out with a whimper, not a bang. An undeveloped, erratic collection of songs, the record suffers under the weight of overly slick, commercial arrangements, and production which renders tracks like “It’s Your Birthday,” “Wish the World Away,” and “Hello Amsterdam” as bland alterna-rock; only the effervescent “Can You Help Me?” manages to absorb and transcend its glossy pop veneer.”

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Everett True reviews Self Abused by SMASH, 3rd September 1994
Everett True reviews Self Abused by S*M*A*S*H, and Ben Turner reviews Sound System by Dub Tribe, 3rd September 1994.

I’d rant about those fucking a*s*t*e*r*i*s*k*s if it wasn’t so late and I wasn’t so t*i*r*e*d.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the critical musings of Everett True then do visit his newly updated WordPress blog, The Life of a Fading Music Critic. Reading Festival 1994 review gets uploaded tomorrow.

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Ian Gittins reviews Shed Seven's Change Giver and Sharon O'Connell reviews Portishead's Dummy, 3rd September 1994

Ian Gittins reviews Shed Seven’s Change Giver and Sharon O’Connell reviews Portishead’s Dummy, 3rd September 1994.

You know I think there’s a Shed Seven song I quite like. It soundtracked a summer holiday job picking tomatoes and I vaguely remember them performing it on TOTP.

Ahh yes…thanks Spotify; it was Where Have You Been Tonight

[Hangs head in shame]

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Robert Newman Rebellious Jukebox, 3rd September 1994

Never a big fan of Newman and Baddiel – too studenty and not nearly funny enough – but I always admired Newman for walking away from the whole “comedy is the new rock ‘n roll” Wembley Arena thing to write his books and do other things. Courageous, smart and dripping with personal integrity.

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