EMF Cha Cha Cha reviewed by David Bennun 18th March 1995

David Bennun reviews EMF’s Cha Cha Cha in the Melody Maker, 18th March, 1995.

Ok, I know this piece is akin to shooting fish in a barrel but commenter Old Geek was right, David Bennun was very, very funny. Thanks for the other comments too. Truly I am blessed. Or should it be blissed.

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N.M.E. 27th August, 1988. Live review of The Sugarcubes from I Beam Club, San Francisco and One Step Beyond, Santa Carla.

Interesting to note the withering review of Carter. 12 months later as the Carter U.S.M. and with Sheriff Fatman they’d be making a big splash. Didn’t they mug Philip Schofield at some Smash Hits award do?