Radiohead live at the Garage Glasgow, 8th October 1994

Paul Moody reviews Radiohead live at the Garage, Glasgow. Taken from NME, 8th October 1994.

Up to this point everyone sensible saw Radiohead as just another fourth rate, bandwagon chasing, grunge/shoegaze lite also-ran. Here previewing material from still to be released The Bends, it seems Radiohead start to show glimmers of what they will one day become.

Fast forward fourteen years to 2008 and you’ll be lucky to even see the stage let alone get the chance be that over-zealous fan who clambers onto the stage.

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Radiohead interview March 11th 1995

Radiohead Interview Part 2 march 11th 1995

The Stud Brothers interview Radiohead on the release of Planet Telex. Taken from Melody Maker, 11th March 1995. Photo by Steve Gullick

Thought it would be timely to post this interview with Radiohead given that many of us will be standing in a rain sodden field in Hackney in a few weeks. It’s bound to be raining – Thom would want it that way.

Depressingly this interview is 13 years old now – where has the time gone? The Stud Brothers, with half an eye on circulation figures, are practically begging 26 year old Thom to kill himself throughout this piece and on reading some of the quotes from the interview you can see why.

I have to add this because it’s brilliant. Sure we’ve all seen the analogue thing done before but rarely this well.
Big Ideas (don’t get any) from James Houston on Vimeo.

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