My Bloody Valentine Live at ULU Feb 25th 1989

Chris Roberts reviews My Bloody Valentine live at ULU. Feb 25th 1989.

Even before Loveless there’s a hallowed tone to this piece. I saw MBV a few times back in the day pre and post Loveless but I don’t recall much from it now. I remember the shows being incredibly loud but pretty nondescript in terms of performance.

Not long now before they play 5 nights at the Camden Roundhouse. Will I be there? Oh yes.


And if you like that then there’s a sequel at Reynolds Retro.

Simon Reynolds review My Bloody Valentine/Sonic Boom at ULU, 12th May 1990.

If you’ve arrived here from Google, all caught up in the froth of the new MBV live shows, but are a…let’s say “young and naive”, then do yourself a favour and read this well informed potted history of MBV from their inception to the present day.

Well written post about MBV’s 2008 ICA rehearsal on The Quietus where you can also read the excellent Taylor Parkes review of the Isn’t Anything and Loveless re-issues

Simon Reynolds on My Bloody Valentine in Spin magazine, August 2008.

Newly located boutique record shop Pure Groove have some MBV live photos/prints for sale in limited quantities. Click here for more info.

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