U2 on the cover of the N.M.E., 22nd October 1988

U2 on the cover of the N.M.E., 22nd October 1988. Photo by Bledden Butcher.

Y’see, there was this band from Ireland….

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The Wonderstuff on the cover of the N.M.E. 5th May 1990. Photo by Tim Jarvis.

UPDATE: To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of The Eight Legged Groove Machine, The Wonderstuff are playing the album in it’s entirety for an anniversary party at the Birmingham Carling Academy (30th October) and London Shepherds Bush Empire (31st October).

Jesus Jones will be supporting on both dates. And in a lovely squaring of the circle kind of way both Mike Edwards and Gen Matthews play in Andrew Mueller’s Country & Western band The Blazing Zoos, “an exceedingly confused and angry country & western band” as Mueller himself puts it.

More info at the official site

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Michael Stipe from R.E.M. on the cover of Melody Maker, 27th May 1989. Photo by Andy Catlin.

Battered but beautiful cover from back when R.E.M. were still cool and making OK records. You used to be able to buy this cover on a T-Shirt.

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Elastica on the cover of Melody Maker 25th March 1995. Photo Tom Sheehan.

‘V-sign of the times’ declares the weak pun as Britpop bites.

I prefer ‘Fuck off my Dad’s loaded’ or ‘2 wraps of heroin please’

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Lush - cover of the NME Oct 20th 1990

Lush on the cover of N.M.E. 20th Oct, 1990. Photo by Derek Ridgers.

5 things Lush related that I can still recall

1. Miki drinking next to me in the ULU bar before (I think) a Galaxie 500 gig in 1990

2. Turning to my then girlfriend after a long day selling ice creams at the Chelsea flower show and saying “You are my sweetness & light” in reference to the record we both loved.

3. The artwork. WOW!

4. Going to see Lush play The Venue and expecting ‘a big bang’ because I’d seen The Chart Show earlier the same day, and the on screen captions had said that’s what we should expect.

5. Being really pleased that Monochrome turned up on The Flaming Lips, Late Night Tales compilation.

Heartfelt interview with Lush’s Miki Berenyi from 2008 here, (pt2) here and (pt3) here featuring pictures from her personal photo album

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Sinead O\'Connor NME cover 29th October 1988

Sinead O’ Connor N.M.E. cover 29th October 1988. Photo by Kevin Cummins.

“A breathless Barry Egan stokes the elfin inferno” reads the byline to the article inside this edition, where Sinead lays into Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and U2. Almost sacrosanct personalities at the time but now criticising these people seems reasonable, sensible even, given the perspective that a little time and distance provide.

Of course for Sinead, Nothing Compares 2U, the Pope incident and all her other traumas are still in the future at this point and given her long and tumultuous history it’s easy to forget what a great record her debut, The Lion and the Cobra, is/was.

Sinead’s wikipedia entry astounds me with the news that she recently came out on Oprah as having been diagnosed as bi-polar, apparently attempting suicide at the age of 33. I remember seeing Sinead on the Holloway Road around this time 98/99. It stuck in my mind because she just looked so, well, fucked basically. Now I know why.

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Kurt Cobain and Richey James on the cover of Melody Maker 1995

Great cover from Melody Maker April 8th 1995. Photos by Stephen Sweet (Kurt) and Tom Sheehan (Richey)

Hard to believe this is 13 years old.

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The Stone Roses N.M.E. cover 1989

Classic N.M.E. cover of The Stone Roses at the peak of their powers. 18th November 1989. Photograph by Kevin Cummins.

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U2 cover of Melody Maker Dec 1987

1987. The year U2 become the biggest band in the world after releasing The Joshua Tree.

Admire the youth of little Bonio without his (ironic) rock star shades before the weight of the world got to him. Don’t forget – Make Bono History.

“I learnt the hard way…that life should be easy”. Pretty sure I went to this gig.