Deve Jennings reviews the singles of the week, 3rd September 1994

Dave Jennings reviews the singles of the week, 3rd September 1994.

For those of you excited by the fact that Dave looks like the guy featured in the photo let me disappoint you by telling you that it’s actually actor Paul Shane as Ted Bovis from the 80’s British sitcom Hi-Di-Hi.

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Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Don’t you forget about Jim Kerr! What’s that? You have forgotten? Well according to Wikipedia a new Simple Minds album is pencilled in for early 2009. I’m literally breathless with anticpation, as I’m sure, are you.

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Singles reviewed in NME by James Brown 23rd March 1991

Singles reviewed by James Brown. Taken from the N.M.E. 23rd March 1991.

Came across this after talking about Loaded in a previous post.

For those that don’t know, before James Brown became “the creator of Loaded, instigator of laddism, award-winning editor and the man who revolutionised men’s magazines…” he used to work at N.M.E. However, the above quote goes on to say “….has parted company with GQ after a serious lapse in taste and some disappointing sales figures.”

The serious lapse of taste in question being his glorification of Rommel and the Nazis. His prodigious and out of control coke habit didn’t help matters either. Read the full story about him getting fired in this piece from The Independent 1999.

Disappointingly it turned out to be just a small set-back as he went on to form his own publishing company, which he then sold in 2003 for £6.4m. “Good work fella!” as he himself might have put it at one time.

Presumably Alex James now invites him over to his country house, where, over an organic cheese plate, they both reminese about the follies of their youth, whilst smuggly patting themselves on the back for behaving like class-A cocks yet still managing to come away from it all smelling of roses.