The 1992 Reading Festival review, 12th September 1992.

Writers: Everett True, Jim Arundel, Shane Danielsen, Andrew Smith, Simon Price, Sharon O’Connell

Photographers: Kevin Westenberg, Stephen Sweet, Matt Bright, Steve Gullick

Those who also turned up to get drunk: Allan Jones, Steve Sutherland, Andrew Mueller, Ben Turner, Sally Margret Joy, Ben Stud, Ngaire, Black Mat Smith, Clint Poppie

Apart from the mud this was the infamous Reading Festival where ET pushed Kurt onto the stage in a wheelchair. Has the story of how and why that came about been told already? If so please post a link and if not then can I tempt the story from the horse’s mouth?

UPDATE: Discussion about Reading and particularly this Reading Festival over on the WSC message board prompted by Simon Price considering breaking a 21 year attendance record.

And if you’re looking for a timeline of Reading Festival from inception to present day then this site if worth a look

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Simon Price reviews Lenny Kravitz live at Wembley Arena, 11th December 1993

Simon Price reviews Lenny Kravitz live at Wembley Arena, 11th December 1993.  Photo by Matt Bright.

Completely with Pricey on this one but then what sort of right thinking person wouldn’t be? There are plenty of artists I don’t “get” but I do at least understand why they exist and can see why they have a large following. But Kravitz…Kravitz is so utterly bland, so completely detached and unemotional I just can’t fathom what he does to connect with so many people. From memory the first time I was made aware of Lenny was Let Love Rule, video was all hippy dippy lens flares (in both senses) and then he was shagging Lisa Bonnet and then he had a pub rock anthem with Are you gonna go my way? before actually going away, at least for me, just as the witty title of this piece begs him to do.

So Wikipedia what can you tell me of Lenny these days? Oh God it’s depressing, you might want to stop reading from this point on but these are the “highlights” worth noting

C onsecutive Grammy awards from 1999-2002

U nreleased tracks for Michael Jackson’s Invincible album

N icole Kidman dated 2003- 2004

T he worldwide album sales total runs to 33.1+ million

Lenny Kravitz today

Lenny Kravitz earlier today

Many thanks to Johnny2000 at for spreading the Archived Music Press word.

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Live Reviews including The Soup Dragons/Blur at Brixton Academy, 5th January 1991

Various live reviews taken from Melody Maker 5th January 1991.

Ian Watson reviews Soup Daragons / Blur at Briston Academy and Hothouse Flowers at Wembley Arena…my God, were Hothouse Flowers really ever this big? Michael Bonner reviews Aztec Camera at Brixton Academy and Loop at the Kilburn National. Ngaire reviews Test Department at the Subterania

Many thanks to Andrew Mueller for writing a little review of this site on his blog. It’s nice to cause the tiniest ripple in the ultimate pond. Andrew should count himself lucky though – check this toe curling introduction to Galaxie 500 from Ngaire.

I feel like I should hold back on what I say here a little these days but I think this post puts it well, although I never had one of those hooded tops. I did have one of those Penguin Classic T-Shirts that you can see a young Damon wearing in the photo though.

Anyway it’s not just Ngaire. Here’s Caitlin Moran on the shortlived Naked City.

Which reminds me of this moment of TV perfection.

Finally if Brian Ferry ever covered a Beloved song it might sound a bit like this.

Anyone else able got any related gems from youtube they’d care to share?

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