Ian Gittins reviews Shed Seven's Change Giver and Sharon O'Connell reviews Portishead's Dummy, 3rd September 1994

Ian Gittins reviews Shed Seven’s Change Giver and Sharon O’Connell reviews Portishead’s Dummy, 3rd September 1994.

You know I think there’s a Shed Seven song I quite like. It soundtracked a summer holiday job picking tomatoes and I vaguely remember them performing it on TOTP.

Ahh yes…thanks Spotify; it was Where Have You Been Tonight

[Hangs head in shame]

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Caitlin Moran interviews Hole, 19th February 1994. Photos by Tom Sheehan.

“When it comes down to it, I just want someone to stick it in, y’know?”

Michael Mooney, where are you now?

Someday, you will ache like I ache.

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Ben Turner reviews Underworld live at The Orbit, Leeds, 11th December 1993

Ben Turner reviews Underworld live at The Orbit, Leeds, 11th December 1993. Photo by Mark Benney

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David Stubbs interviews Mark E Smith, 12th November 1988

David Stubbs interviews Mark E. Smith, 12th November 1988. Photos by Joe Dilworth.

After the Loop interview something more conventional. David Stubbs is persuaded that Mark E. Smith is maligned only by idiots. Should probably also hilight the reference to the fanzine When Saturday Comes in the fourth paragraph, as I know some of you take an interest in such matters.

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Going back now…way, way back.
Loop on the cover of Melody Maker, 12th November 1988. Photo by Tom Sheehan.

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Talk Talk Talk feat. Mr. Agreeable and Pepe LePunk, 1st April 1995

Someone’s been going Mr. Agreeable crazee recently, perhaps as a result of Mr. Agreeable’s inspired vitriolic dismembering of Bono’s latest release over at The Quietus

Taylor Parkes interviews Pizzicato Five, 1st April 1995

Taylor Parkes interviews Pizzicato Five, 1st April 1995. Photos by Pat Pope.

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