Victoria Segal reviews Super Furry Animals/Bis live at The Forum, 2nd March 1996

Victoria Segal reviews Super Furry Animals/Bis live at The Forum, 2nd March 1996

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Dave Simpson reviews Spooky and David Bennun reviews Kenickie live, 13th July 1996

Dave Simpson reviews Spooky live at The Banks of the Tiber, Rome and David Bennun reviews Kenickie live at The Zap, Brighton.

Well well, who’d have thunk it huh? As Bennun swoons over the gestating Kenickie from the outset, halfway through, there’s this paragraph;

“Just assuming that you can’t justify a band on banter – and if you ever could, this would be the band – how about the fact that they’re stylish, sexy, funnier than life itself? And yes, most of the male music journalists I know want to sleep with them.”

With the benefit of hindsight that really is most amusing as one of them rather famously went on to do just that. You lucky sod.

But that banter was as real and intoxicating as Bennun describes. You just couldn’t help but fall for it. And yet now Lauren Laverne has transformed herself into the de facto face of all things cultural for the BBC, it’s easy to forget quite how intelligent and spunky she used to be.

I’m aware that I need to be respectful when talking about individuals here who could easily be reading, however the sad fact remains; the prettier Laverne gets, the less relevant she becomes. Her personality has now been diluted, flattened and pummelled to a shadow of its former self in order to make her palatable for a mainstream audience. What’s so wrong with allowing women to be intelligent, witty and feisty? Let her be herself. Closest thing these days is her radio show on 6Music but it’s still a pale imitation.

This clip from Planet Pop shows how good she was, and probably still is, despite the annoying editing and her rather lank, greasy hair. But hey…that’s showbiz and these are the compromises it seems you have to make if you’re gonna get on in the world of TV.

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Glastonbury Advertisement 1995

1995 and while the billing remains egalitarian and the ticket prices resonable, the corporate sponsors have started to make their presence felt.

Only other thing to point out is that Saturdays advertised headliners, The Stone Roses, had to cancel after John Squire’s mountain biking accident.

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GWAR live at the Dome, July 1991

Everett True reviews GWAR live at the Dome and Zane reviews Rebel MC at the Town & Country Club. Taken from Melody Maker 20th July, 1991.

This and the next two posts all related to the discussion on the Plan B forum between Jerry (Everett True) and Father Fred.

Before Lordi came GWAR. A pantomine vision of hell with gallons of fake blood. Never saw GWAR but a friend did and it sounds like ET’s review does the show justice.

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The Boo Radleys live at The Venue, 6th October 1990

The Boo Radleys live at The Venue, 6th October 1990.

This is from Sounds. A one off because a) I’ve only got one copy b) I have a soft spot for The Boo Radleys and c) I wanted to say “Yes” to LeeeNite from the PlanB forums.

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Beck live at New York Irving Plaza November 1994

Beck live at New York Irving Plaza and other live reviews. Taken from N.M.E. 19th November 1994. Photo by Derek Ridgers.

Review of an early live performance from Beck. I saw him play the Town & Country Club around the time of Mellow Gold but I think before Odelay. Either way it was an ok gig as I recall. Remember he handed out the mic to someone in the crowd to beatbox and then sang over the top. He also did a whole section with just an acoustic guitar. Predictably the crowd went nuts for Mutherfucker. Only found out recently that he’s a Scientologist. Better be careful what I say or the aliens will come and get me but SHAME ON YOU Beck!

Also on reviewed on this page Vapourspace a.k.a. Mark Gage. Gravitational Arch of 10 is a record that I have very fond memories of. Here’s the edited track but the original goes on for 20+ minutes. Classic.

An amusing review of Harry Connick Jr too. Compared to Jamie Cullum I think we got off lightly.

The Sunday\'s live at The Falcon 3rd Sepember 1988

Chris Roberts reviews The Sunday’s live at The Falcon, London. Taken from Melody Maker, 3rd September 1988.

The Sundays on a Sunday for commentor moresundaysplease.

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