PJ Harvey Live at Barrowlands, Glasgow, March 1995

Everett True reviews PJ Harvey / Tricky live at Barrowlands, Glasgow 18th March 1995.

This post in recognition of the PlanB magazine forum link. Cheers guys. There’s certainly no shortage of Everett True pieces to choose from – he was nothing if not prolific. Picked this one quickly and at random. Will definitely put up more interesting, earlier ET pieces and some Neil Kulkarni stuff too eventually. Neil – I would *love* to hear the drunk, or sober, rant about the demise of the Maker. Can I post it here….please?

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While I’m at it…..to everyone visiting from Russia – hello – I can’t read Russian but I’m glad you seem to like the blog so much. Blissblogers – more Reynolds stuff coming. Brave Captain forumites – yes more Boo Radleys stuff eventually. And finally to moresundaysplease – you’ll like tomorrows post – it is going to be a Sunday afterall.

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Radiohead live at the Garage Glasgow, 8th October 1994

Paul Moody reviews Radiohead live at the Garage, Glasgow. Taken from NME, 8th October 1994.

Up to this point everyone sensible saw Radiohead as just another fourth rate, bandwagon chasing, grunge/shoegaze lite also-ran. Here previewing material from still to be released The Bends, it seems Radiohead start to show glimmers of what they will one day become.

Fast forward fourteen years to 2008 and you’ll be lucky to even see the stage let alone get the chance be that over-zealous fan who clambers onto the stage.

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David Stubbs reviews The Jesus and Mary Chain and other live reviews 24th-31st December 1988

Six live reviews from the Christmas edition of Melody Maker 1988.

Oh my days, an absolute embarrassment of riches here which I’ll list for not only the myopically challenged (click the picture to enlarge) but also for our mutual friend Google.

David Stubbs reviews The Jesus and Mary Chain at Brixton Academy

Paul Lester reviews Suicide at The Leadmill, Sheffield

Caroline Sullivan reviews Rick Astley at Wembley Arena

Robert Yates reviews Napalm Death at Canterbury Arms, London

Paul Oldfield reviews Pussy Galore / Das Damen at Greyhound, London

….and Michael Odell draws the short straw to review Tanita Tikaram at Dominion Theatre, London


Paul Lester reviews The Fall at The Free Trade Hall, Manchester. Taken from Melody Maker, 22nd July 1989.

Not much to say about this except ask if anyone’s read Mark E Smith’s biog yet. Worth reading?

Paul Lester now writes regularly for The Guardian music blog

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Fatima Mansions live at the Limelight Club June 15th 1991

Andrew Mueller reviews Fatima Mansions at the Limelight Club, Belfast. Taken from Melody Maker June 15th 1991.

After recent pieces from Stubbs and Reynolds it seems only fitting to complete the triumvirate with something from Mueller. It’s amused me to read this on Wikipedia outlining Triumvirate “though the three are usually equal on paper, in reality this is rarely the case”

Others will be much better placed to tell me but from my memory wasn’t Andrew Mueller the most consistently funny of the three? Naturally, if any of the individuals in question want to pitch in to set the record straight with some retrospective analysis they’d be most welcome – as is the traffic Simon – thanks.

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Mercry Rev live at Mean Fiddler June 15th 1991

Simon Reynolds reviews Mercury Rev live at The Mean Fiddler. Taken from Melody Maker 15th June 1991.

From one nutter to another bunch of nutters. The 1st Mercury Rev album is still a thing of visceral beauty. I’m sure I went to this gig. Very Sleepy Rivers was indeed epic. Jonathan smashed his guitar and Suzanne totalled her flute on the monitor. I thought it was the most rock and roll thing I’d ever seen or heard. A few years later I saw them play the Clapham Grand and they destroyed a grand piano with some backstage scaffolding during their opening song, handing out the ivory keys to the audience.

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New Order live at Wembley Arena Dec 1987

“This was New Order at their best, worst and nowhere in betweeen”

Chris Roberts reviews New Order live at Wembley Arena. Taken from Melody Maker 19-26th December 1987.

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