Readers, are you the sort of person that posts Jady Goody RIP messages to your friends Facebook account? Then this is the column for you!

I’m going to use this Mr. Agreeable post to just say a reciprocal hello and thanks to some of the folks who’ve linked to AMP recently.

Firstly I meant to highlight the Cactus Mouth Informer blog to you all a while ago, where you can find scans from Zig Zag and Record Mirror from the years preceeding this blog, along with mp3’s and socialist musings. I know Simon Reynolds specifically mentioned his desire to see scans from Zig Zag to me in an email so hope highlighting it here and adding it to the related blog links helps others too. Also, Look At This, a good blog aggregating lots of interesting links and there’s more like this but with extra German over at Nerdcore. Finally cheers to ex XFM DJ Iain Baker and his Westway blog.

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