David Stubbs interviews The KLF, 16th February 1991

David Stubbs interviews (and gets arrested with) The KLF, 16th February 1991. Photos by Kevin Westenberg

This is the original article that David Stubbs wrote an update/remembrance piece on over at The Quietus in 2008

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Jimmy Cauty on the cover of Melody Maker, 16th February 1991. Photo by Kevin Westenberg

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Mat Smith interviews The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, 12th December 1987

Mat Smith interviews The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, 12th December 1987. Photos Andy Catlin.

Anyone know the location? I think it’s in Vauxhall, on the site of those awful glass tower blocks of St. George’s Wharf (when it was still a piece of waste ground / car pound) but it’s hard to tell from the fish eye lensed photos.

So which one’s Rockman and which one’s Kingboy? Some quirky irony in the story of how they “found a field they were happy with” to burn piles of their own records in order to save money when in the not too distant future they’d be burning piles of their own money to save themselves from having to make more records. The state of paranoia over record sampling  and not allowing their photos to be taken through fear of being sued seems so ludicrious now. If you didn’t know better and saw this in the papers today you’d think it was some sort of Banksy stunt.

Don’t take five (take what you want)

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