September 23, 2009

It’s a fact of life isn’t it? You change. The world changes. And if you don’t change there’s a danger you’ll get left behind. Change, lest we forget, is the underlying theme of this blog.

All of which is by way of a rather melodramatic preamble to say things have changed for me. I was recently made redundant and it’s largely the reason I stopped the blog as I needed to focus on other things. But I think I’m through it now…have turned a corner etc. etc.

I’m not quite there yet though. In the meantime, if you’re new to this site, or are patiently waiting for new material, here are a few links to some of the posts I’ve liked or that provoked discussion.

Early on in this blog, I posted up a singles review from James Brown, then of the N.M.E. The post now is almost exactly as originally posted. I say almost, because a week or two after posting it, I received this email which I’ll share with you all now for the first time.

To whoever you are
A friend sent me a link to your website pointing out some singles reviews I wrote. Can you remove the libelous comment about ‘nazi worship’.
James Brown
Big House

Now I don’t know how this reads to you, but I was rather taken aback. I mean, surely if you are going to threaten someone over a libellous comment, then the least you can do is spell the word correctly. As a friend said at the time “the immediate legal threat, poor spelling and reference to ‘Big House’ should be enough to try and pillory the cunt.”

But I didn’t. I maintained a dignified silence, tweaked the post and left it at that. But today I thought I’d share that with you in case anyone does sympathise with him and thinks I’ve got him all wrong. I haven’t.

One of the great things about the format of this blog is that a new post can simply be a new scan. If I don’t feel inspired to write anything then I don’t have to force it. I’m not a particularly great writer but occasionally I have found myself writing longer posts. An interesting effect of which is that it’s these posts that generate the most comments and discussion. Here are a couple of my longer posts that got people talking.

Paul Lester investigates Shoegazing and David Bennun interviews Plastic Fantastic and my open letter to the readers of this blog

Everett True on Hole I like for the embedded video and list of their notable highlights and here’s another one I remember that amused me when I read it which I think provoked some fair retrospective analysis.

Clearly, there’s a lot more than this at AMP. I forget how much I’ve posted over the last year and a half. If you like the links above then stick around, dig deep and enjoy.




Simon Reynolds interviews Ian McCulloch, 30th September 1989. Photos by Kevin Westenberg.

Never was a big Bunnymen fan. I know there are plenty of people that disagree with me but apart from Killing Moon (now ruined by Donnie Darko) the rest left me cold.

Just as I’m uploading this ex NME journo James Brown is on TV judging Miss Naked Beauty. I know he doesn’t need the money (how is the big house James?) so why has he agreed to be on this piss poor excuse for a show? And while I’m on the subject, who thought that asking Mylenne Klass (a size 8 woman who’s career is principally based on looking fuckable in a white bikini) to present a show questioning the media’s obsession with unrealistic perceptions of women’s bodies was a good idea?

There’s another level of hypocrisy with this too. With one show Channel 4 celebrates being fat and then with others e.g. Jame Oliver etc. chastises us for eating crap food and being obese. Modern life huh?

Sorry about the intermittent posts. Life’s busy at the moment.

Singles reviewed in NME by James Brown 23rd March 1991

Singles reviewed by James Brown. Taken from the N.M.E. 23rd March 1991.

Came across this after talking about Loaded in a previous post.

For those that don’t know, before James Brown became “the creator of Loaded, instigator of laddism, award-winning editor and the man who revolutionised men’s magazines…” he used to work at N.M.E. However, the above quote goes on to say “….has parted company with GQ after a serious lapse in taste and some disappointing sales figures.”

The serious lapse of taste in question being his glorification of Rommel and the Nazis. His prodigious and out of control coke habit didn’t help matters either. Read the full story about him getting fired in this piece from The Independent 1999.

Disappointingly it turned out to be just a small set-back as he went on to form his own publishing company, which he then sold in 2003 for £6.4m. “Good work fella!” as he himself might have put it at one time.

Presumably Alex James now invites him over to his country house, where, over an organic cheese plate, they both reminese about the follies of their youth, whilst smuggly patting themselves on the back for behaving like class-A cocks yet still managing to come away from it all smelling of roses.