Dave Simpson interviews Lush, 20th January 1996

What a momentous day! Yes, I’m back in the saddle of this blog. I very sincerely doubt anything else more news worthy happened today.

So while I sit here and listen to Slayer’s Reign in Blood here’s that “Back from the dead” Lush interview.

Back when I studied colour theory at The Sorbonne one of the things they drummed into us was “Red and green should never be seen”. Well not on the strength of this photo of Miki. What a dirty old man I’ve become.

Thanks for all the comments and mails while I was gone  – I just needed to take a break.

Chris Roberts interviews The Sugarcubes - part 1, 24th-31st December 1988

Chris Roberts interviews The Sugarcubes – part one, 24th-31st December 1988. Photos by Andy Catlin. Part 2 tomorrow.

See if you can avoid staring at the eyebrows on Bjork. I can’t.

If you’ve never heard the Justin Robertson remix of Birthday then do so immediately!

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Everett True interviews Billy Bragg 20th July 1991

Everett True sleeps with interviews Billy Bragg, 20th July 1991. Photos by Stephen Sweet.

Safe sex doesn’t mean no sex it just means…mutual masturbation. Brilliant!

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Ride interview in Melody Maker, 22nd Sepember 1990

Ted Mico interviews Ride on the release of the Fall EP. Taken from Melody Maker, 22nd Sepember 1990. Photo by Kevin Westenberg.

Don’t know much about Ted Mico or what he’s doing now – can anyone help? I did find this at ZTT records which also has some scans from old Melody Makers. Not as good or as large as this site obviously – possibly because of the C word – but still interesting to browse if you ever liked any of the artists on ZTT.

I could gush about those first 3 Ride EP’s. I won’t.
This is my youth – tell me yours.

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Simon Reynolds interviews Adamski, 22nd Sepember 1990

Simon Reynolds interviews Adamski in Melody Maker, 22nd Sepember 1990.

Rave culture’s first pin-up thanks to Killer. How many people actually know this record in it’s original form rather than either, some shit Hi-NRG remix they’ve heard during an aerobics class or, worse still, one of the fucking umpteen versions Seal’s farted out? It was a great record but my, how sloooow does it sound these days?

Pretty sure this is the interview that Adamski’s wikipedia entry refers to in relation to punk and rave culture.

Adamski’s still in the music business but now recording under the name Adam Sky

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Radiohead interview March 11th 1995

Radiohead Interview Part 2 march 11th 1995

The Stud Brothers interview Radiohead on the release of Planet Telex. Taken from Melody Maker, 11th March 1995. Photo by Steve Gullick

Thought it would be timely to post this interview with Radiohead given that many of us will be standing in a rain sodden field in Hackney in a few weeks. It’s bound to be raining – Thom would want it that way.

Depressingly this interview is 13 years old now – where has the time gone? The Stud Brothers, with half an eye on circulation figures, are practically begging 26 year old Thom to kill himself throughout this piece and on reading some of the quotes from the interview you can see why.

I have to add this because it’s brilliant. Sure we’ve all seen the analogue thing done before but rarely this well.
Big Ideas (don’t get any) from James Houston on Vimeo.

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The Sundays MelodyMaker Interview Jan 20th 1990

The Sundays interviewed by Everett True before he became close personal friends with Kurdt Cobain. Taken from MelodyMaker Jan 20th 1990.

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic is one of the few records from around this time that I still listen to today and if you’ve not heard the album I’d strongly urge you to go and buy a copy. From memory the 2nd album was crap and I didn’t even know they’d released a third. I’d assumed they’d had split up but according to their Wikipedia entry not only are the band together but so are Harriet and David, who are currently focusing on raising their two children. Awwhh bless!

Now the hype’s died down I’m going to check out those other two records and see if they’re as good as the first one.

These fullscap Melody Makers are a bitch to scan in by the way. This one took more than 10 A4 scans so I hope someone out there appreciates it one day.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones and words will just finish me off”

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Ride Interview

Chris Roberts interview with Ride for the Melody Maker, Jan 20th, 1990.

Promise this isn’t going to turn into an exclusive Ride blog but every issue I pick up seems to have something Ride related inside or out. Besides, as I’ve already said, I loved Ride and their early EP releases.

Ultra Vivid Scene Interview

Interview with Kurt Ralske from Ultra Vivid Scene by Ian Gittins – April 14th, 1990.

The Mercy Seat is still a fine record and Vaughan Oliver’s execution of the design/photography on these records up there with his best work. There’s a great archive of the record artwork here http://quimby.gnus.org/html/group/ultravividscene.html

I haven’t thought of UVS for years apart from when I hear the Jonny Cash version of Nick Cave’s The Mercy Seat. These days Kurt has re-invented himself as an visual artist and lives in New York City.