Dave Jennings reviews the singles of the week, 2nd March 1996

[AMP trolling Jennings…AMP trolling Jennings]

If Taylor wanted to punch his face in when he saw his old Singles of the Week column photo then Jennings will surely be searching his house trying to find his knuckledusters when he sees this.

Not much else to say except that I agree with single of the week. Love the Clouds Taste Metallic album that This Here Giraffe comes from. Remember discussing the album rather drunkenly with Brian Molko at a showbiz party I somehow found myself at back in 1997…the preceding track is called Placebo Headwound fact fans! And then I asked him for some Rizlas and, very graciously he obliged, although did question why I needed 3. Hmmm…

Have also added a scan of the Fiddling While Romo Burns tour dates to the Plastic Fantastic interview which I came across inside this issue. There’s been a few, pretty lengthy comments added since it first went up so if you’re interested the link to the post is here.

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Tania Branigan reviews the singles of the week, 13th July 1996

God it’s a chilling thought that this ‘new’ incarnation of Suede is now 13 years old. I still remember the d├ębut live review where Richard Oakes, the new 17 year old guitarist, was described along the lines of looking like “an awkward teenager in Boots trying to buy condoms” and all I remember thinking as a 25 year old was, fuck; he looks sooo beautiful and perfectly cool to me. I wish I could have looked like that at 17. Or indeed 25. And obviously I wish I could look like that now at 38. But so does he probably. I only hope he’s fat and bald now so I can enjoy some retrospective solace.

And who the fuck is Tania Branigan? Well a quick Google tells me she’s migrated to The Guardian and seems to have dropped the frivolous world of rock and pop music journalism for serious political commentary. Well done Tania. And your hair’s better these days too.

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