Simon Reynolds interviews Ian McCulloch, 30th September 1989. Photos by Kevin Westenberg.

Never was a big Bunnymen fan. I know there are plenty of people that disagree with me but apart from Killing Moon (now ruined by Donnie Darko) the rest left me cold.

Just as I’m uploading this ex NME journo James Brown is on TV judging Miss Naked Beauty. I know he doesn’t need the money (how is the big house James?) so why has he agreed to be on this piss poor excuse for a show? And while I’m on the subject, who thought that asking Mylenne Klass (a size 8 woman who’s career is principally based on looking fuckable in a white bikini) to present a show questioning the media’s obsession with unrealistic perceptions of women’s bodies was a good idea?

There’s another level of hypocrisy with this too. With one show Channel 4 celebrates being fat and then with others e.g. Jame Oliver etc. chastises us for eating crap food and being obese. Modern life huh?

Sorry about the intermittent posts. Life’s busy at the moment.