Melody Maker singles of the year 1988

Melody Maker singles of the year 1988.

Got lots to say but no time right now. A few points on the above.

You Made Me Realise should be No.1 and Freak Scene should be No.2

Although you’re most likely to hear Crash as the soundtrack to a compilation of home movies it is a *great* pop single and should be higher.

The Young Gods inexplicably make the charts. I never got them and I know I wasn’t the only one. Someone commented a while back about how they seemed like an elaborate practical joke, as if Stubbs and co. had had a pub bet between themselves that they could break even the most difficult, avant-nonsense group. I think bovine masses got it right on this occasion.

Thanks again to the Idolator for the traffic spike. Thanks to everyone that emailed too – it’s really nice to hear from everyone.

I have to get ready for a 40th birthday party now, not mine quite yet, but fucking hell….40!



Jonh Wilde interviews House of Love. Melody Maker 28th October 1989.

Another one of those difficult to scan oversize glossy Melody Makers but for House of Love I felt it was worth it.

If I ever meet Guy Chadwick I will ask him – “Is it better to have been loved and to have lost it or to have never been loved at all”. If anyone knows the answer to that question, he does.

Any graphic designers out there might be amused by the awkwardly placed, ‘type on a path’ experimentation of subtitle “Building Sights”. Look at it – surely this was a mistake?

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