Everett True reviews the singles of the week, 22nd January 1990

Correctly called ET. Blue Thunder is still a fucking gem. And yes, Shine On isn’t all that but I’m not sure I’d have been that dismissive. Other than that there’s proof that not everything McGee touched turned to gold with a review for The Times – remember them? And to the oh so punk Child Molesters – do you feel stupid now?

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Simon Reynolds reviews On Fire by Galaxie 500, 28th October 1989.

If there’s a more underrated band than Galaxie 500 then I want to hear about them.

Cos I’m a bit drunk and because this is the official soundtrack to this blog I paid WordPress for the mp3 feature. If just one of you hears this for the first time it’ll be worth it. Enjoy and go buy the Galaxie 500 box set on Rykodisc.

If this doesn’t make you cry then you’re already dead.

Don’t Let Our Youth Go To Waste by Galaxie 500

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