Dave Simpson reviews Lush and The Pale Saints, 9th December 1989

Dave Simpson reviews Lush and The Pale Saints live at The Warehouse, Leeds, 9th December 1989.

A 4AD love in – and just look at that perfect indie moptop in the picture! This had me rushing straight to Spotify to listen to Pale Saints debut, The Comforts of Madness, which I hadn’t listened to in 15+ years.  Apart from Sight of You seeming to me to be a carbon copy of a bombastic era U2 record (admittedly with a *much* feyer vocal) as a whole it stands up pretty well. But then maybe my ears just enjoyed hearing some old, familiar tunes. You decide – here’s the Spotify link

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Dave Simpson interviews Lush, 20th January 1996

What a momentous day! Yes, I’m back in the saddle of this blog. I very sincerely doubt anything else more news worthy happened today.

So while I sit here and listen to Slayer’s Reign in Blood here’s that “Back from the dead” Lush interview.

Back when I studied colour theory at The Sorbonne one of the things they drummed into us was “Red and green should never be seen”. Well not on the strength of this photo of Miki. What a dirty old man I’ve become.

Thanks for all the comments and mails while I was gone  – I just needed to take a break.


Steve Lamacq interviews Lush, 20th October 1990. Photos by Derek Ridgers

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Chris Roberts interviews Lush, 18th March 1989

“Do you find life as miserable as Ibsen did? (A great question, Christopher. A truly great question. One for the archives).”

Chris Roberts interviews a very young Lush, 18th March 1989. So young in fact that three of them were still doing a course in English Literature at North London Poly (now London Metropolitan University) at the time of the interview, and the spur for the above quote.

Speaking of North London Poly watch this flickery piece of nostalgia

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Lush - cover of the NME Oct 20th 1990

Lush on the cover of N.M.E. 20th Oct, 1990. Photo by Derek Ridgers.

5 things Lush related that I can still recall

1. Miki drinking next to me in the ULU bar before (I think) a Galaxie 500 gig in 1990

2. Turning to my then girlfriend after a long day selling ice creams at the Chelsea flower show and saying “You are my sweetness & light” in reference to the record we both loved.

3. The artwork. WOW!

4. Going to see Lush play The Venue and expecting ‘a big bang’ because I’d seen The Chart Show earlier the same day, and the on screen captions had said that’s what we should expect.

5. Being really pleased that Monochrome turned up on The Flaming Lips, Late Night Tales compilation.

Heartfelt interview with Lush’s Miki Berenyi from 2008 here, (pt2) here and (pt3) here featuring pictures from her personal photo album

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