Jonh Wilde interviews Fish, 28th October 1989. Photo by Joe Dilworth

This is for Taylor Parkes….”a fucking flute!”  – thanks Taylor, I laughed my head off.

It doesn’t get much more rock and roll than press shots in a freshly plough field propped with a tractor and a German Shepherd now does it? And I’m sure everyone can remember where they were when Fish split with Marillion – the cider flowed freely in the leafier parts of middle England that night I can tell you.

But the last I can remember of Fish was seeing him on telly in a spliff rolling competition with Tony Banks (the M.P. not the exulted Genesis keyboard player) about a hundred years ago.

What is Fish up to today I thought? Well he’s a Sony award winning Radio DJ and has churned out a steady succession of solo records since 1989 to the present. So there you go.

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