Charts, 6th May 1989

February 17, 2010

Charts, 6th May 1989

Although I’ve posted some best of / end of year charts up before now I’ve never scanned in any of the regular weekly charts. It never occurred to me that there would be anyone interested in them as a) it doesn’t feature any actual writing and b) there’s already some excellent dedicated chart sites – – being one that’s particularly good.

However I had a request in the week from someone wanting to find out about old the indie charts “Something along the lines of Cherry Red’s Indie Hits 1980-89 would be ideal.”

So dear readers – I ask you – is this worth doing? Would it set your heart racing to be reminded once again of the anomalies of the indie chart back in the day where the likes of PWL artists Pat & Mick and Kylie nestled uneasily alongside Birdland and Front 242? Shall I dedicate the next couple of months of AMP to chronologically scanning in the indie charts from the first copy I’ve got from 1990 to the last from 1996? And in the meantime there’s always this aggregation of the indie charts from The Chart Show on youtube

I’ll keep this open for a couple of weeks and act accordingly.

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Melody Maker top 30 albums of the year, 1988

Good to see the back of 1987.

And skipping forward 12 months here’s the end of 1988 too. All these end of year lists are available in text form at Rocklist although you don’t get the little capsule reviews.

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The Vinyl Curtain. Melody Makers best albums of 1987

Apologies again for the missing part of the page, which met with some sort of nasty incident with a scalpel. No idea why.

For the completeists the missing records from 1987 were

28. Squirrel and g-man… – Happy Mondays
29. Oh! tears baby – Win
30. At my window – Townes Van Zandt

I know this because of this great link that lists all the end of year charts from the Melody Maker from 1979 to 2000 when it died.

Link thanks to Hieronymus of Hesselink over at the When Saturday Comes message board

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