Reading Festival Review - Cover, 3rd September 1994

Reading Festival Review - Friday, 3rd September 1994

Reading Festival Review - Saturday, 3rd September 1994

Reading Festival Review - Photos, 3rd September 1994

Reading Festival Review - Rumour Mill, 3rd September 1994

Reading Festival Review - Sunday, 3rd September 1994

Reading Festival Review - back cover, 3rd September 1994

1994 and another Reading Festival review. Note the Court in the Act column on page 33 as a source of great embarrassment to ET, oh and can someone answer Andrew Mueller’s question/mistaken caption (page 35) “Who the f*** is this?” even if it is 14 years too late. Come on…one of you must have slept with her.

Writers: Everett True, Andrew Mueller, Cathi Unsworth, Caitlin Moran, Sarra Manning, Dave Jennings, Dave Simpson, Ian Watson

Photographers: Tom Sheehan, Steve Gullick,Stephen Sweet, Matt Bright

Those who also turned up to get drunk: Allan Jones, Sharon O’ Connell, Simon Price

If you’ve been paying attention at the back you’ll know this one’s for Alex. Why not follow her on Twitter @loopingtheloop – she has a lovely turn of phrase – which, given she’s a journalist is probably to be expected.

Head like a cold…black as your bathroom mold…

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Caitlin Moran interviews American Music Club, 3rd September 1994

I’m not quite sure what got all the journos in such a froth over American Music Club and none got more frothy than Caitlin Moran. Still, she’s always worth reading and wrote too sparingly for the paper over the years so I’ve scanned this in as much for her writing as the band. Thanks to the marvel that is Spotify you can listen the whole of the San Francisco album and judge for yourself. Although the capsule review on Spotify doesn’t bode well,

“Regrettably, with their final effort, San Francisco, American Music Club went out with a whimper, not a bang. An undeveloped, erratic collection of songs, the record suffers under the weight of overly slick, commercial arrangements, and production which renders tracks like “It’s Your Birthday,” “Wish the World Away,” and “Hello Amsterdam” as bland alterna-rock; only the effervescent “Can You Help Me?” manages to absorb and transcend its glossy pop veneer.”

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Caitlin Moran interviews Hole, 19th February 1994. Photos by Tom Sheehan.

“When it comes down to it, I just want someone to stick it in, y’know?”

Michael Mooney, where are you now?

Someday, you will ache like I ache.

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Touched by the hand of Mod - Catlin Moran on Menswear, 19th November 1994

Touched by the hand of Mod (and the hand of Goth by the looks of those shoes second from right)

Caitlin Moran on Menswear, 19th November 1994. Photo by Piers Allardyce.

“We had a plan and it appears to be working. All we have to do now is be brilliant” says Johnny.

Yeah that’s always the tricky part isn’t it?

Preview - Caitlin Moran Celebrity Squared 16th April 1994

Preview section of Melody Maker featuring Caitlin Moran Celebrity Square, 16th April 1994.

God this is awful. Loaded “lad culture” instantly permeates into Melody Maker and society generally. Every part of this piece of fluff from the “She’s a Bird…” intro, to the questions, “Have you shagged anyone famous”, to the porn star pout photo is just terrible. Why did you let Simon Price & IPC do this to you Caitlin? Ah yes….you’d made it on to the telly by this time and the show had to be promoted because it was a crap.

For the curious compare and contrast Greg Dulli to this scene of domestic bliss at Mr. & Mrs. Paphides. Also note the quirky coincidence of the “Dora Dora Dora” title in the main piece on this page (one of Caitlin’s daughters is called Dora)

Few of us remained imune from being swept up into the whole Loaded “new lad” thing at the time though. I’ve just remembered a little anecdote from a Loaded Christmas party I went to. Can’t bring myself to confess publicly but I hang my head in shame at the memory of it.

Hello to all you PlanB forumites by the way. More ET coming over the weekend.

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3 album reviews

Caitlin Moran reviews Red House Painters, Ocean Beach

Andrew Mueller reviews Bruce Springsteen, Greatest Hits

David Bennun reviews Tangerine Dream, Various.

Taken from Melody Maker March 25th 1995

Three ‘jokers’ on one page, but the reason I chose this was for the Caitlin Moran review, who was always, always brilliant in my opinion. She’s now over at the Times where she (mostly) writes about her children in quite staggering detail. Word has it that she’s about to hit our TV screens soon with a show about Pop Culture.

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