Talk Talk Talk featuring Mr. Agreeable and Pepe Le Punk, 25th February 1995

So yesterday, what with it possibly being the end of the world as we know it, I was all set to post an R.E.M. interview, but then I started drawing the Songs About Fucking album cover in MS Paint. Oh that won’t take long I thought, but once I got going I kept tweaking and changing, and then there was no time left to post. But y’know…if the world had ended at least I’d have used my last time on the planet constructively..right? I am such a twat.

So tonight here’s some Talk Talk Talk with Mr. Agreeable and Pepe Le Punk in recognition of the post on The Idolator re: “Dear Backlash” and the follow up comments about it. Thanks to Michaelangelo Matos for the post. Is it just me or does the C.U.N.T. featured here look like Andrew Collins?

Feel free to check up on the state of the world yourself every so often, using this handy url

or for those of you who want something a little more serious

The Boo Radleys Interview Part 1 18th February 1995

The Boo Radleys Interview Part 2 18th February 1995

Taylor Parkes interviews The Boo Radleys, 18th February 1995. Photos Tom Sheehan & Stephen Sweet.

Welcome to anyone joining from the When Saturday Comes forum link. Thanks to EIM for spreading the word.

A very amusing thread as it turns out. On the one hand you’ve got Taylor (Parkes) feeling like the last kid to be picked for a football kickabout while Spearmint Rhino, (Simon Price) pitches in with “I think the Boo Radleys cover story was by me, but he’s only scanned the cover, not the story…” Well here’s the story in all it’s glory – take a bow Mr. Parkes. God it’s like throwing meat to a couple of hungry lions although this probably still won’t satisfy. I’ve moved my response to anyone feeling Taylor’s confusion about the apparent random posts and lack of ‘meat’ into the About page on this site.

Oh and go and see Martin Carr play The Social on 12th August.

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