The Big Dance Explosion Bang, 22nd January 1994

A-Z of Club Culture, 22nd January 1994

I said dance muthafucka!

Melody Maker’s 15 page special to club culture to be posted over the next few days. I’ve decided to split it up because the content’s too disparate and difficult to tag and categorise in one post. Once this is out of the way I’m going to just start picking random stuff again for a bit.

This post for the excellently titled (and excellent)

A selection of whistles and glowsticks to these blogs to:

See – it’s like I never went away.

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Everett True reviews Self Abused by SMASH, 3rd September 1994
Everett True reviews Self Abused by S*M*A*S*H, and Ben Turner reviews Sound System by Dub Tribe, 3rd September 1994.

I’d rant about those fucking a*s*t*e*r*i*s*k*s if it wasn’t so late and I wasn’t so t*i*r*e*d.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the critical musings of Everett True then do visit his newly updated WordPress blog, The Life of a Fading Music Critic. Reading Festival 1994 review gets uploaded tomorrow.

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The 1992 Reading Festival review, 12th September 1992.

Writers: Everett True, Jim Arundel, Shane Danielsen, Andrew Smith, Simon Price, Sharon O’Connell

Photographers: Kevin Westenberg, Stephen Sweet, Matt Bright, Steve Gullick

Those who also turned up to get drunk: Allan Jones, Steve Sutherland, Andrew Mueller, Ben Turner, Sally Margret Joy, Ben Stud, Ngaire, Black Mat Smith, Clint Poppie

Apart from the mud this was the infamous Reading Festival where ET pushed Kurt onto the stage in a wheelchair. Has the story of how and why that came about been told already? If so please post a link and if not then can I tempt the story from the horse’s mouth?

UPDATE: Discussion about Reading and particularly this Reading Festival over on the WSC message board prompted by Simon Price considering breaking a 21 year attendance record.

And if you’re looking for a timeline of Reading Festival from inception to present day then this site if worth a look

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Orbit - Steve Bicknell and Andrew Weatherall discuss the evolution of techno, 19th February 1994

The photo does rather give the impression of (a very clean cut) Weatherall as the victor. Not so much “Head to Head” but more “Head and shoulders above the rest”. Shame the actual piece is so thin and short. Hope that Shelley Boswell’s past doesn’t embarrass her too much, not the nakedness, the staggering resemblance to Pete Burns.

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Ben Turner interviews Darren Emerson and Charlie Hall, 19th February 1994. Photo Steve Gullick, club pics Pat Pope

It’s been a busy week as the lack of regular posts attests so I’ve not read through this, however I suspect it is very much of its time.

Regular readers might notice I’ve got a cute little indie ‘amp’ button badge up. My friend littlepixel has kindly worked it up for me. Please do visit his blog where he’s currently in the middle of ‘reimaginitizing’ a series of classic record covers in the mode of 1950/60’s Pelican book covers. Here’s just one of them. Leave him comments and love and I’m sure he’ll pixel more for you. G’wan he lives for this sort of thing.

Primal Scream: Screamadelica

Oh and Simon from the most excellent Sweeping the Nation has added the 432 available tracks from Garry Mulholland’s splendid “500 Greatest Singles Since Punk And Disco”, as a Spotify playlist here:

The Boiler by Special AKA is just finishing up. Harrowing and still shocking. Listen if you’ve not heard it before.

Right I’m off to stick my new badge on to my charity shop cardy now so I can do some of my famed, doomed Morrissey dancing this weekend.

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Various album reviews including Snoop Doggy Dog and The Boo Radleys, 11th December 1993

Various album reviews including Snoop Doggy Dog and The Boo Radleys, 11th December 1993.

A timely reminder from the Stud Brothers, to all those of you that think Snoop is ‘cool’ and ‘ironically’ go in for all his Shizzle Bizzle shit, why you should feel thoroughly ashamed of yourself.

My love of The Boo Radleys has already been previously documented so it’s no surprise that I’m going to post this review. The fact that Simon Price likes it does surprise me though; “two stunning LPs (no exaggeration)”. I know Martin has no interest in seeing this stuff again – “Never Go Back” as Alfredo tells Toto in Cinema Paradiso – but it’s here for everyone else that does. Here’s a favourite track of mine from this earlier period when the band were just starting to show flashes of their future brilliance – wait for the trumpet solo at the end!

The Boo Radleys – Spaniard

Lots of other records reviewed on this spread apart from these featured two – tuck in!

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Ben Turner reviews Underworld live at The Orbit, Leeds, 11th December 1993

Ben Turner reviews Underworld live at The Orbit, Leeds, 11th December 1993. Photo by Mark Benney

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