Beck live at New York Irving Plaza November 1994

Beck live at New York Irving Plaza and other live reviews. Taken from N.M.E. 19th November 1994. Photo by Derek Ridgers.

Review of an early live performance from Beck. I saw him play the Town & Country Club around the time of Mellow Gold but I think before Odelay. Either way it was an ok gig as I recall. Remember he handed out the mic to someone in the crowd to beatbox and then sang over the top. He also did a whole section with just an acoustic guitar. Predictably the crowd went nuts for Mutherfucker. Only found out recently that he’s a Scientologist. Better be careful what I say or the aliens will come and get me but SHAME ON YOU Beck!

Also on reviewed on this page Vapourspace a.k.a. Mark Gage. Gravitational Arch of 10 is a record that I have very fond memories of. Here’s the edited track but the original goes on for 20+ minutes. Classic.

An amusing review of Harry Connick Jr too. Compared to Jamie Cullum I think we got off lightly.