Manic Street Preachers cover, 20th July 1991

Manic Street Preachers on the cover of Melody Maker 20th July 1991. Photo Steve Gullick

This is the final part that accompanies the last two posts with ET inset on the cover. Cover story interview by Simon Reynolds in a previous post here.

Something new tomorrow. Well something old new but you know what I mean.

Here’s something new, new. It’s Radiohead’s video for House of Cards. Thom has become Mike TV. It’s interactive…click and drag and use the mouse wheel. What’s the verdict on this? Still think the long 10+ minute version of Spinning Plates I saw at onedotzero is the best thing they’ve done videowise.

I’ve just noticed that inside this issue way before Delores became everyone’s favourite whipping boy (woman?) Ian Gittins practically turns himself inside out to break The Cranberries in Sidelines – “So when they’re good they’re very, very good, and when they’re better they’re…perfect”
Hahaha…mind you Delores is considerably richer than all of youse so who’s had the last laugh?

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