Neil Kulkarni reviews Tarantula by Ride, 9th March 1996

On the subject of demise here’s Ride’s swansong Tarantula reviewed by Neil Kulkarni.

Poor old Ride. By this stage no one gave a shit about this band and yet for a few brief months no other band came close to how sublime Ride were. I mean just look at Mark Gardner in this photo. I’d have hacked off my right arm to have looked like this when I was 19. I’ll admit to being one of those unhip kids who wore a Ride T-Shirt but I don’t think it ever helped me score. Girls or drugs. Not surprising really. Ride did become uncool very, very quickly. And the lyrics were awful. Somehow they worked on the first EP’s, but then I think they started forcing the lyrics and it’ll all became toe curlingly Oasis-like.

I know *no one* will agree with me but it would be my contention that those early Ride EP’s paved the way for the mainstream success My Bloody Valentine went on to have with Loveless. The poppier, younger, painfully beautiful Ride bridged the gap from where MBV were to the charts by helping to create a musical climate where noise was accepted by the more conservative record buyer. Anyone back me up on this? Thought not.

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Ride interview in Melody Maker, 22nd Sepember 1990

Ted Mico interviews Ride on the release of the Fall EP. Taken from Melody Maker, 22nd Sepember 1990. Photo by Kevin Westenberg.

Don’t know much about Ted Mico or what he’s doing now – can anyone help? I did find this at ZTT records which also has some scans from old Melody Makers. Not as good or as large as this site obviously – possibly because of the C word – but still interesting to browse if you ever liked any of the artists on ZTT.

I could gush about those first 3 Ride EP’s. I won’t.
This is my youth – tell me yours.

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