Simon Reynolds interviews Loop, 12th November 1988

Simon Reynolds interviews Loop - part two, 12th November 1988

So while I listen to Suede B-sides and O2 try to flog me Jackson tickets via txt here’s Simon Reynolds interviewing Loop, 12th November 1988. Photo Tom Sheehan (bet those pimples would be zapped in Photoshop these days eh Tom?)

Cos I know a lot more people visit these pages than actually click through to read the interviews I’d like to urge you to read this, even if you’ve never heard of Loop – remembering all the while, that this is an interview about a rock group. Reynolds presents us with a delicate entrĂ©e of Pynchon and flowery adjectives before the main course begins.

Reynolds (in reference to Robert’s aims for musical repetition and a ‘trance-like effect’): It sounds like you ought to be in sympathy with the Acid House scene

Robert: Oh no, that stuff’s just nonsense. Sure it’s repetitive but in a bland way. We like to think we build on our repetitiveness. With Acid House, they just sit on a synthesizer for half an hour and make squiddley-diddley noises. [and then it gets really embarrassing]

All of which makes me wonder about the quality of drugs Loop were actually taking to be left so cold by acid house, kinda reinforced by Robert later when he says “The drugs thing has been totally overblown though: you don’t have to be out of your face to get into repetitive music”. No Robert but it helps doesn’t it? It really, really helps.

Then Reich, Cale and Satie get name checked in a rather academic discourse about the schizoid experience before the conversation seques into a mediation on death in its myriad, vividly romantic forms, before ending with some conventional stuff about what the next record might be like and an apology from Reynolds for being “unable to simulate in words what Loop do”! For thickies like me this stuff’s still as dense today as it ever was.