Ben Turner reviews Underworld live at The Orbit, Leeds, 11th December 1993

Ben Turner reviews Underworld live at The Orbit, Leeds, 11th December 1993. Photo by Mark Benney

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Simon Price reviews Lenny Kravitz live at Wembley Arena, 11th December 1993

Simon Price reviews Lenny Kravitz live at Wembley Arena, 11th December 1993.  Photo by Matt Bright.

Completely with Pricey on this one but then what sort of right thinking person wouldn’t be? There are plenty of artists I don’t “get” but I do at least understand why they exist and can see why they have a large following. But Kravitz…Kravitz is so utterly bland, so completely detached and unemotional I just can’t fathom what he does to connect with so many people. From memory the first time I was made aware of Lenny was Let Love Rule, video was all hippy dippy lens flares (in both senses) and then he was shagging Lisa Bonnet and then he had a pub rock anthem with Are you gonna go my way? before actually going away, at least for me, just as the witty title of this piece begs him to do.

So Wikipedia what can you tell me of Lenny these days? Oh God it’s depressing, you might want to stop reading from this point on but these are the “highlights” worth noting

C onsecutive Grammy awards from 1999-2002

U nreleased tracks for Michael Jackson’s Invincible album

N icole Kidman dated 2003- 2004

T he worldwide album sales total runs to 33.1+ million

Lenny Kravitz today

Lenny Kravitz earlier today

Many thanks to Johnny2000 at for spreading the Archived Music Press word.

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Everett True reviews the singles of the week, 11th December 1993

He’s a lumberjack and he’s ok. He drinks all night and he reviews all day. Everett True reviews the singles of the week, 11th December 1993.

Listening to Adoration by The Cranes on Spotify and loving it. What are you doing?

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By the beard of Zeus! These 2 pages of live reviews are the fucking motherlode of IDM (sorry for terrible genre moniker) it’s seems incredible that all this happened within the same week. Where to fucking start?

Well probably best to hi-light the smallest, most shoddily written review of Autechre’s debut live performance first cause it’s easily missed. I know hindsight is a marvellous thing and all that but given given that Incanubula (A STONE COLD FUCKING CLASSIC – DOWNLOAD!) had already been released they’re not given nearly enough prominence on the page. If you were there please comment!

Reynolds gets the dream ticket of Vapourspace, Aphex Twin, Moby (before he wrote music to sell cars) and Orbital. Reynold’s nails the description of Vapourspace’s Gravitational Arch of 10 (another STONE COLD FUCKING CLASSIC – DOWNLOAD!) as “cyber-Bach variations that make your flesh ripple” and that’s before the E kicks in.

Push takes on The Orb at Brixton Academy and makes me smile with “As The Orb journey further into the fourth dimension, several members of the audience enter the fifth” and continues in the same playful manner at the Megadog, “because the bar shuts fours hours before the close of play – extra curricular activity is ordained. In the name of duty, in the name of investigative journalism; in the name of…oh, sod it, you only live once.” Too right matey!

There’s 3,000 people inside but a thousand have been turned away at the gates by the time Trans Global Underground take to the stage. A thousand! A fucking thousand that didn’t get in! Does any club get even a thousand people inside it these days?

“It’s six am and Megadog comes to a blinding, light-up halt. We smile in unison with the sweaty bodies that surround us, knowing that we’ve just experienced the very best club in the world. Ever”

Those were the days. Those were the fucking days.

Vapourspace – Gravitational Arch of 10 (this is the radio edit – get the long version)

Update: This post has proved fairly popular since hitting some forums. Thanks to those who have posted at,, – more live Underworld coming tomorrow! Big thanks to everyone who has Facebook/Twittered this site recently too.

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Peter Paphides interviews Sarah Cracknell and Tim Burgess, 11th December 1993.  Wedding photos by Tom Sheehan.

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Tim Burgess and Saint Etienne on the cover of Melody Maker, 11th December 1993. Photo by Tom Sheehan

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