On the day Jade Goody gets married there’s sage comment from Mr. Agreeable.

“Do you yearn for notoriety? Then you’re probably a c***”

I wonder what the Mark Coyle from 1991 might have written to his future self if this interesting website had been available back then?

Still nothing from any of the former featured c***’s.


So there was this one time…at a Slowdive gig…
where somehow I caught the eye of Rachel during one of the band’s more ethereal instrumental passages and for a second or two we studied each other, something intangible passing between us, and then she turned away with a coquettish smile, borne out of what exactly….embarrassment, flattery, irrepressible derision?

Reminds me of Larkin’s Wild Oats,
“I believe I met beautiful twice. She was trying Both times (so I thought) not to laugh.”

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Chris Roberts reviews Mercury Rev's Yerself Is Steam, 16th February 1991

Truth be told this is a pretty uninspiring issue of Melody Maker but there is this, a review of Mercury Rev’s debut, a record that’s brought me immeasurable pleasure over the years and for which I’m grateful to long time friend and sometime commentator Phil for telling me about. The fact that pointless, one hit wonder, girl duo Soho get the featured review spot seems incomprehensible to me – the only reason HippyChick was a hit was because it used a Smiths sample which seemed quite daring and novel back in 1991.

If you’ve only ever heard latterday Rev then you MUST get hold of a copy of Yerself Is Steam, one of my Top10 records of all time.

Oh and no…I couldn’t fucking dig it and it still amazes me that Vodafone did

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David Stubbs interviews The KLF, 16th February 1991

David Stubbs interviews (and gets arrested with) The KLF, 16th February 1991. Photos by Kevin Westenberg

This is the original article that David Stubbs wrote an update/remembrance piece on over at The Quietus in 2008

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Jimmy Cauty on the cover of Melody Maker, 16th February 1991. Photo by Kevin Westenberg

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Steve Sutherland reviews Bandwagonesque by Teenage Fanclub, 26th October 1991

Steve Sutherland reviews Bandwagonesque by Teenage Fanclub, 26th October 1991.

And when I say “reviews”, I really mean “compares”. Despite the persistent cries of plagiarism this was still a huge Creation success at the time and the start of a lighter poppier sound (when a grungy/shoegaze direction was prevalent) which would eventually become Britpop.

I was never that much of a fan of the Fanclub though and besides, I always thought Grand Prix was better. After that record they slowly slipped off my radar and I’ve genuinely not thought about, or listened to a Teenage Fanclub track for years and years. So memory jogged, and as is now customary, I go to wikipedia to find out if the band have split up or are still together. And stone the crows it seems that in this case it’s the latter. Now I’m not sure if my surprise about this just proves how out of touch with music I have become and that Teenage Fanclub are musical colossus’ selling more records than they ever did before, or if, as I suspect, the band are struggling on for lack of anything better to do, somehow eeking out a living based on former glories. Time marches on and pop’s a fickle mistress.

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Jim Arundel interviews Stereolab, 26th October 1991

Jim Arundel interviews Stereolab, 26th October 1991. Photos Stephen Sweet

After yesterday’s embarrassments here’s a very early piece on Stereolab, a band who were great then and are great now. French Disko seems like the obvious track to post but that’s on vinyl so here’s something that maybe isn’t so well known, as, according to Wikipedia, only 800-1000 CD’s were pressed up. A great shame because it’s a great droning jam that can be spooky/scary when stoned. Spiiiddddeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrssssss

simple-headphone-mind cover

1. “Simple Headphone Mind” – 10:36

2. “Trippin’ with the Birds” – 21:04

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